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Nightlife in Tequisquiapan, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Tequisquiapan

There are fabulous options for your evenings when going to Tequisquiapan and San Juan del Rio, apart from the trip called the "Wine Route." Let the temperature rise with fantastic drinks and incredible music. There are nightclubs that go from "grupero" music (Mexican country style music) to the newest electronic beats from Mexican DJ festivals. There are also romantic bars and other places, perfect for traditional bohemian evenings.

In this area of the state of Queretaro, the nights have millions of reasons to be enjoyed. Every weekend, the hill Pena de Bernal is illuminated in a colorful light show. At town fairs, restaurants and bars as well, the nightlife always offers something to do.

El Campanario Bar

Have a drink and contemplate the view of the main plaza. The bar's name comes from the fact that you can actually see the "campanario" (bell tower). Located on the most important street in Tequisquiapan, Andador Independencia is where you have to start the night off with good music and excellent drinks.

La Cantina Bar

Nightlife in TequisquiapanIf you are walking around in the Main Square of Tequisquiapan and you feel like enjoying the night with a pleasant environment then this video bar is a perfect option. Located inside the La Plaza Hotel, it offers a wide selection of cocktails and drinks that can be enjoyed with the presence of live groups, bands and soloist musicians. There are also music videos playing on the screens. Enjoy your evenings here.

El Casino Bar

Nightlife in TequisquiapanThis is an excellent venue in San Juan del Rio which offers entertainment, especially for certain holidays, such as Christmas, Halloween or Valentine's Day. The decor is Mexican, with brightly colored walls and many pieces of Mexican art, furniture, etc. Besides having a bar, you can also enjoy a delicious dinner here.

La Luna Bar

Nightlife in TequisquiapanLa Luna Bar offers magnificent live music every weekend with excellent service and the best quality in all its products, plus karaoke and many special events. It is located above the K'puchinos Restaurant, with a terrace that has a beautiful view of Tequisquiapan. Pick out your favorite music and sing along with the karaoke.

Viu Bar

The famous Viu Bar is located on the road to Ezequiel Montes and Bernal, just minutes away from Tequisquiapan. Relax and have a great time. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere.? The waiters are always ready to refill your glass so kick back and listen to the DJ's cuts.


Nightlife in TequisquiapanThis is the bar of a restaurant located in San Juan del Rio, featuring a pleasantly modern concept, especially geared towards a younger crowd who are looking for a bit of honest fun. There are great entertainment events every weekend so come and see for yourself. On the second level of establishment, do a little people-watching and enjoy the ambiance.

Barrakda Cheleria

Nightlife in TequisquiapanIn San Juan del Rio, this is an excellent place to enjoy the night with the modern and singular concept of video bar with fantastic drinks and cocktails, as well as the tasty food served in a lively ambiance. During the day, it's a restaurant and at night, a place where the young of spirit come. There are modern facilities and an excellent selection of the music. The house specialty is the Chamoy Micheladas (beer with spiced apricot sauce), which can also be served with pineapple or tamarind flavors.

Cafe con Rock

Nightlife in TequisquiapanThis is a famous restaurant-bar of San Juan del Rio, where you will find an extended menu in the bar so that you can dine a la carte or with a set menu. The bar's specialties are margaritas, pinas coladas and hurricanes. The ambiance is entertaining, with screens that show the current sporting events or karaoke videos.

Nodo Concert Hall

Nightlife in TequisquiapanThis hall in San Juan del Rio offers concerts of all kinds of music, from widely known pop groups to the utmost modern beats of the electronic music mixed live by important local and national DJs. Local bands also perform here so check them out. When coming to Nodo, ask for the promotion of the day. The amazing ambiance of this hall has everyone coming back for more.

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