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Restaurants in Tequesquitengo, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Tequesquitengo Restaurants

Cuisine from the state of Morelos is very diverse, with a whole array of flavors that is a true pleasure to try. There are many dishes that the restaurants in Tequesquitengo offer to its visitors, such as Jojutla rice (Jojutla is the municipality where Tequesquitengo is located), fish tamales (a lard and corn mix that is steamed in either corn or banana leaves with, in this case, fish), classic pozole (a hearty hominy stew) with white, green or red broth, tlaxcales (sugar cookies) and many other dishes.

Near practically all the hotels in this destination, there are restaurants or shopping areas where you can find a variety of options. You can opt to stay in the hotel and enjoy all the services as well as the convenience of eating in. Or you can go out and explore all the gastronomical possibilities that the destination offers. Find a number of restaurants with all sorts of dishes and for all sorts of budgets.


Dining in TequesquitengoThis is an excellent restaurant that is located on Xoxocotla Avenue, very close to the Glorieta de las Alas in Tequesquitengo, where you can find fabulous Mexican food. Try the molcajete (the Mexican version of the mortar, made out of volcanic rock) filled with cooked meat or seafood. You can also find a buffet of grilled food for dinner on Tuesdays and Sundays. The prices are accessible and the quality of the food is truly incredible.

Marina del Sol

Where to eat in TequesquitengoThe restaurant of this marina is garnering more fame not only for its cuisine but for its extraordinary view of the lake as well as its very modern and elegant installations. Take advantage of a moment of culinary pleasure with delicious dishes, inviting aromas and attractive colors during your visit to Tequesquitengo while you surround yourself with the harmonious beauty of nature and modern architecture.

Las Uvas

Restaurants in TequesquitengoThis is an elegant specialty restaurant located in Hotel Excelaris, on the road into Tequesquitengo, where you can find excellent Mexican and international dishes. Its delicious menu is great for even the most discerning diner in an enchanting atmosphere. It offers a delicious breakfast buffet and all day service, a la carte.

Typsy's Tapas

Eating Out in TequesquitengoTypsy's Tapas is one of the most well-known restaurants in the city because of its Spanish specialties, located right in front of the Glorieta de las Alas in Tequesquitengo. Typsy's offers family ambiance and has a wonderful menu that is pleasing to all tastes. Try a delicious paella (typical Spanish rice and seafood dish) and even octopus in its ink.

Sushi Lagoon

Where to eat in TequesquitengoThis is an excellent option for those who love Japanese cuisine and are in Tequesquitengo. Sushi Lagoon offers Japanese, Mexican and Spanish fusion cuisine and is located right in front of the Glorieta de las Alas. The dishes include delicious paella and a large variety of exotic sushi and hand rolls.

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