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Tepoztlan in Patzcuaro, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Tepoztlan

Tepoztlan is recognized as one of the main artisanry hubs in the Mexican state of Morelos, and it's easy to see why! The area produces an important amount of "amate", a type of paper made from the bark of the fig tree, locally used to make beautiful handicrafts. One of Tepoztlan's neighborhoods is even named "Amatlan" (Place of the Amates). Small, handmade houses have gained fame for their stunning detail and beauty, made of "pochote" wood, using the wood thorns that grow all over the tree. You can even see skilled artisans sculpt one of these houses before your eyes.

Local artisanry ranges from antiques to modern design, like the "teponaxtles" (percussion instruments made of tree trunks), and rain sticks, which sound like flowing water when you move them. You'll also find lanterns made of paper, cloth or recycled plastic, artwork made with local seeds, and even notebooks made with amate leaves or recycled paper. There are also stores selling beautiful furniture, clothing and decor, most of which is handmade by the residents of this magical destination.

Kodice Art Gallery

Kodice Shop in TepoztlanThis little shop sells all sorts of decorative items at very reasonable prices, made by the owner, a young Mexican artist named Roberto Lopez Fuentevilla. You can find from oil paintings, watercolors, and original acrylics to printed T-shirts, mugs, cards and much more. Take home a useful object or an artistic print that will surely make an excellent souvenir of your trip to Tepoztlan.

Calaveritas y Diablitos

Calaveras y Diablitos Shop in TepoztlanThis shop features imaginative jewelry and decorative objects that blend Mexican art with foreign influences. You can find an extensive selection of unique items, most of which are made by the owners themselves. They stock an enticing variety of bracelets, necklaces, rings, key chains, picture frames, pocketbooks, beaded pictures, and more.

Brillo de luz

Brillo de Luz Shop in TepoztlanAn impressive collection of carefully selected Mexican arts and crafts, from around the country, are all on offer at Brillo de luz. They sell from colorful sacred artwork, lamps, wall clocks, and mirrors to beautiful items of clothing, such as shawls, Mexican wraps, dresses, shirts, slacks. This shop offers a world of rich and colorful designs and lots of Mexican folklore, all with majestic Tepozteco as the backdrop.


Jaiti Shop in TepoztlanThis shop carries an array of colorful wooden puzzles that have become a tradition in modern Mexican art. They'll customize any design for any occasion, in all sizes and prices, to suit your requirements. Made by the skillful hands of local artisans, who sell their creations all over Mexico and abroad, these puzzles could make a very special gift.

La Piramide Artesanias y Ropa

La Piramide Shop in TepoztlanLocated on Revolucion Avenue, by the main plaza, this shop sells a carefully selected stock of 100% Mexican 'hippie' style handicrafts. Most of the items found here are made by artisans and Indigenous tribes from all over Mexico, making for a very interesting shopping experience.

Tepoztlan Arts and Crafts Market

Tepoztlan Arts and Crafts MarketBrowse around the extensive selection of arts and crafts, ranging from wicker baskets and pottery to paintings and wooden figurines, all made here right before your eyes. This fascinating traveling market is held on Revolucion Avenue, but only on weekends. If you want to buy similar souvenirs during the week, then you can find a couple of stands in front of the Church of Nativity in the town center.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Shop in TepoztlanAn amazing selection of quartz, precious stones and other decorative objects, from Mexico and abroad, can be found at Taj Mahal. If you are looking to furnish a room in an exotic Asian style then this is a great shop to visit. It's a very popular store with people who are looking for objects that connect them to earth’s energy and the magic and mystery of Tepozteco.

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