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Nightlife in Tepoztlan, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Tepoztlan

When visiting this destination, you'll discover that the nights are truly charming. The streets fall asleep, allowing you to view the starry sky, creating the perfect scenery for experiencing the natural surroundings or the eerie cemetery. The fireflies compete with the glimmer of stars overhead as they fly through the night air. The magic of Tepoztlan is endless, and for travelers in search of a spiritual awakening, the nights are magical.

If you love nightlife, you won't be disappointed. This destination has various options for staying up late "Tepoztlan-style". Here, you'll find that picturesque locales open up their doors every weekend, including bars and cafes where you can enjoy evenings of live music ranging from rock groups to local favorites such as trova, boleros and baladas.

Tepoz Bar Latino

Tepoz Bar Latino in TepoztlanWhen you visit Tepoztlan, you'll want to take advantage of the night to clear your mind and body with great live music or with the rhythm of excellent DJs who play the best of their repertoire at this bar. Sip on a refreshing cocktail or a chilled beer. Relax and have a good time with friends, new and old. Here in Tepoztlan, everyone becomes part of one big happy family. The ambiance is extraordinary and you can hang out with cosmopolitan locals as well as tourists from other parts of the country or the world.

Tepoz Cafe Galeria de Arte

Tepoz Cafe Art GalleryTepoztlan is characterized for its intellectual air so for all of those who like a good book, a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate, a freshly baked roll and great company for a fabulous evening, there is no better place than the Tepoz Cafe. Come during the day for sandwiches, tortas and deli foods, all with the small town feel that Tepoztlan emanates. Moments brimming with art and inspiration await you in this fascinating cafe daily, night or day.

Cafe Amor

Cafe Amor in TepoztlanThis is a romantic cafe, located in the highest part of the building that's next to the main plaza where, day or night, you can watch the picturesque activity of the Tepoztecan Street. The menu tells the unique story of the place which, true to its namesake ("amor" in Spanish is "love"), serves everything with tender, loving care. Even the drinks, the deli styled hors d'oeuveres and the excellent service of the waiters and chefs will infect you with their contagious smiles.

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