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Welcome to Tepoztlan

Located to the north of the capital of Morelos, ten miles from the city of Cuernavaca and about 45 miles from Mexico City, this picturesque town holds a magic that many Mexican towns have. There is a certain style about its streets and high-ceiling houses that merge nicely with modern buildings as well as its beautiful town center, with a truly small town feel, which is also where locals and visitors gather every weekend.

This area is a protected zone when it became a national park in 1937. In 1988, Tepoztlan and the surrounding areas were named "Corredor Biologico Ajusco Chichinautzin" (the Ajusco-Chichinautzin Bio-Trail). The town consists of eight sections that still have the names given to them in colonial times. Each name makes a reference to the patron saint of each area, like San Miguel, San Pedro or the Santisima Trinidad (Holy Trinity).

El Tepozteco

El Tepozteco Hill in Tepoztlan, MexicoTepoztlan sits at the foot of El Tepozteco, a hill that seems to stand like a protective sentinel, giving the town a very unique skyscape. The hill is also the backdrop for varying legends which have given the town its mystique. This hill attracts more and more tourists who are looking to find themselves and to connect with nature. There are also a number of spas, "temazcales" (ancient Aztec steam baths), spiritual rituals and shamans who use local resources to cure and revitalize visitors.

Leyenda de Tepoztlan

Welcome to Tepoztlan, MexicoThe name of this magical town means "place of the copper axe" or "place of the broken stones", making reference to the Xochimilca and Aztec god, Tepoztecatl, who reigned in the area and whose history involved legends of magic. There are stories of how he survived dangerous attempts on his life during childhood and of his heroic deeds, one of which involved saving the town from a giant snake by cutting it up from the inside out with an axe and stones.

A Lot to Discover

Welcome to Tepoztlan, MexicoThe attraction of this magical destination has generated the arrival of people who not only come from around the country but also from other countries. Playing on the concept of the identity of the residents of this town, the people of Tepoztlan refer to themselves in two forms: "Tepoztecos" are those who are originally from the town and "Tepoztizos", who are "criollos", those who have adopted Tepoztlan as their home.

Chinelos in Tepoztlan, MexicoThere are festivities similar to carnaval that are held in Tepoztlan some four days before Ash Wednesday. You can find floats loaded with "chinelos" (costumes decorated with colorful, painstaking detail as well as masks with prominent chins) who dance "El Brinco". There is also the Spring Equinox, the Day of the Dead and the "Reto al Tepozteco" (the Tepozteco Challenge, which is held on September 8 and is a theatrical representation of the transition from Xochimilca tradition to Christianity).

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