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Welcome to Seattle

Located in the state of Washington, Seattle is a major coastal seaport and is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest of North America. The city is situated on an isthmus between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, which are connected by the Lake Washington Ship Canal. This area was occupied by Native Americans for 4,000 years before it was inhabited by white settlers in the 1850s. During World War 1, the city produced 20 percent of the country's wartime ships.

Since the 1980s, the city has been home to a significant number of software, Internet and biotech companies. More recently, Seattle has become known for its advances in utilizing sustainable development.

Getting Around

Seattle Center Monorail

Due to the variety of transportation services provided within and around the city, it is easy for visitors to explore Seattle attractions, shops and restaurants. Travelers can take advantage of both long and short distance train services, convenient bus routes and two ferry services, one of which transports both vehicles and passengers. The Seattle Center Monorail runs between the Seattle Center and the downtown Seattle.



Sports and Culture

Safeco Field

Sports fans may know the city as the home of the Seattle Mariners, a major league baseball team, and the Seattle Seahawks, an NFL team.

Seattle has also made great contributions to musical history. It has been the home of sensational jazz clubs since the early twentieth century and is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix. The "grunge" musical style started here, and more recently the city has become famous for its indie music scene. Art and theater also play an important role in the city's cultural identity.

Outdoor Recreation

Green Lake

Seattle is surrounded by forests, lakes, rivers and fields. The area's temperate climate makes it the ideal travel destination for those who enjoy year-round outdoor recreation like camping, sailing, hiking and skiing. With beautiful natural attractions and lovely hilly terrain, it's easy to see why Seattle is also known as the Emerald City.




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