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Restaurants in Sao Paulo, Brasil: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

Sao Paulo is considered as one of the best cities in Brazil to sample cuisine fromaround the world. With over 10 million inhabitants, the city has thousands ofgastronomic options, making it impossible to say which one is the best. There'sa restaurant for every taste, including Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German, Thai and Chinese. Since the early 20th century there has been a large influx in the number of foreigners moving to Sao Paulo, which in turn has influenced the local recipes and cuisine, resulting in a diverse selection of dishes just waiting to be tried.

Among the many traditional Brazilian dishes, you must try "Virado a Paulista" (rice with pork and banana), "Tutu de Feijao" (beans and manioc flour), the succulent "Picanha" and lots of other grilledmeats. Above all, don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing"Caipirinha", the Brazilian national drink. It is made using cachaca(sugar cane liquor), sugar, lemon and ice.

China Lake

Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

China Lake is one of the best Asian restaurants in Sao Paulo. The chef, Paulo Ho, was born in Shanghai, so you can expect authentic Chinese flavors in every meal! China Lake offers both traditional cuisine and unique dishes that you won't find in any other restaurant in Sao Paulo.

AK Delicatessen

Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

This fabulous deli stands out among the many dining options in Sao Paulo. The owner and chef is Andrea Kaufmann, who has been recognized by several Brazilian magazines for her dedication to always serve interesting dishes with exquisite taste. You should definitely try a few of the traditional Jewish dishes, which are sure to have you coming back for more.

Grill Hall Prazeres da Carne

Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

The Picanha served at Grill Hall Prazeres da Carne is what makes this restaurant stand out from all other steakhouses in town. They use the "rodizio" system, where a selection of meats is served tableside. Take advantage of the extensive salad bar, offering 50 types of salads along with some side dishes. You'll find this restaurant on Rua Pedro de Toledo.


Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

Bassi is characterized by the extremely high quality ingredients used in each and every dish, along with the meticulous attention to detail with regards to presentation. The restaurant is very sophisticated and the flavors are outstanding. It's a great option for those who really enjoy fine dining and haute cuisine.


Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

America is a very successful chain of restaurants in Sao Paulo. The decor is reminiscent of the 50s and they serve a good selection of salads, pastas and other house specialties. Among the many fantastic dishes on offer, the "special hamburger" and the filet mignon fettuccini come highly recommended. To top off your meal, the desserts are delicious, so be sure to leave enough room for an ice cream or the chocolate cake.


Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

This restaurant has been serving delicious cuisine for more than 15 years. With whitewashed brick walls and bare wooden floors Carlota has a very welcoming atmosphere. The menu is constantly evolving, and changes along with the tastes of the city. Without a doubt Carlota is a charming, unique place to dine.

Folha de Uva

Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

The restaurant was founded by a Lebanese family in 1989. The menu features traditional Arabic recipes that are sure to delight all your senses. They have two branches, one restaurant is in the Jardins District and the other is at the mall Shopping Vila Olimpia.


Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

Kosushi is one of the most celebrated Japanese restaurants in Sao Paulo. Many customers return time and again because of the wonderful service and delicious cuisine made using only the highest quality ingredients. You can order sushi made with tuna or anchovies, missoshiro soup, sashimi and exquisite yakimeshis.

Restaurante Andrade

Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

Restaurant Andrade has a menu featuring the typical flavors of northeastern Brazil. Some of the most popular dishes are the moqueca fish stew, the feijao-de-corda (pork and beans) and carne-do-sol (Brazilian jerky). There's also live music every day. This is an affordable option for those who want to experience the true taste of Brazil.

Bistro Charlo

Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

Bistro Charlo has two popular branches in the city. They offer an extensive selection of exquisite French dishes and some national recipes too. Charlo, the chef, is recognized for the creativity of his presentations and the way he captivates diners with his fine flavors. Bistro Charlo is often frequented by some of Sao Paulo's most prominent figures, including actors to politicians, because of the professional service and unique decor.

A Brasa Maritima y Alfama dos Marinheiros

Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

These two Portuguese restaurants specialize in fish and seafood, with many years of experience in Sao Paulo. On the ground floor, you can dine by candlelight in a calming atmosphere at A Brasa Maritima restaurant. Upstairs, you'll find Alfama dos Marinheiros, where you can enjoy traditional "fado" (Portuguese folklore music) from Thursday through Saturday.


Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

Serving the creative dishes of chef Alex Atala, D.O.M. has a very refined style. The restaurant is classified as one of the top 50 in the world, and the extensive menu was designed to showcase modern cuisine made using only Brazilian ingredients. DOM was recognized as "The city's best Nouvelle Cuisine restaurant" by Veja Sao Paulo magazine (2001 through 2005) and Guia magazine (2001 through 2006). It's worth making a reservation as DOM does book up fast.


Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

From the outside Pitanga looks like an old house, but those who have been fortunate enough to dine here know that inside there is a myriad of wonderful flavors on offer. The atmosphere at this beautifully decorated restaurant is informal and they serve a good variety of delicious dishes. Given the wide range of options at the buffet, the restaurant recommends following your nose to choose the right dish for you. After lunch, you can go upstairs to the second floor where you will find a small shop selling books, cooking utensils and spices.

Kibe Kibe

Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

This is a beautiful restaurant offering typical Arabic food. The recipes are prepared by Mrs. Janette Heide, the matriarch of the family. It has two branches, one in Campo Belo and one in Moema. Among the many dishes you'll find Moroccan rice, Kibbeh with different fillings, and Michui (filet mignon on skewers).

A Esperanca

Restaurants in Sao Paulo Brazil

This restaurant has more than 40 years of experience serving delicious pizzas to the people of Sao Paulo. You can pick from a staggering 32 different ingredients to top these thick, yet crispy pizzas. They also have other specialties, such as parmesan steak and a selection of pastas. If you don't have time to visit the restaurant don't worry, because A Esperanca does home delivery to pretty much every part of the city.

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