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Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The city of Sao Paulo offers some of the best nightlife in the world. Most of the bars and nightclubs don't close until the last person leaves, resulting in nights filled with music and partying until sunrise. There are options for everyone, from vibrant nighttime hotspots to cultural events and theaters. Sao Paulo never stops! On Rua Augusta (Augusta Road), you'll come across some of the best bars and nightclubs. Many establishments have a special payment system for buying drinks, generally using a smart card so that you can charge your drinks throughout the evening and pay by the end of the night.

CB Bar

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

CB Bar features 50s-style decor along with a spacious venue where some of Brazil's most talented modern rock artists come and play every week. The DJs at this bar are among some of the most famous and reputable in the city. The party really heats up after midnight and lasts until early morning. CB Bar has a kitchen for ordering hamburgers, sandwiches, nachos and other snacks. The Veja de Sao Paulo magazine calls it one of the best places to dance in the city.

Hangar 110

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hangar 100 has been offering an alternative space for underground music for more than ten years. Local grunge, punk, and hardcore bands get up on stage for some incomparable shows. Many well-known international groups have also performed concerts in this space.

Clash Club

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Located inside an enormous old warehouse, Clash Club features a large dance floor, an outdoor area and three amazing bars. Private areas are also available for groups of up to ten people. On Thursdays, Clash Club plays techno and progressive dance music, while Friday is reserved for some of the best DJs in Sao Paulo to show off their incredible abilities. You won't have any trouble finding the club, since the front resembles an old train station.

Milo Garage

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This spot is a stronghold for alternative beats, heavy rock and even a few hip hop rhythms. You can dance and sing to some of the most modern hits in a rocker atmosphere. A lot of up-and-coming Brazilian indie bands perform here, as well. Milo Garage has a concert stand, an outdoor bar, a relaxing lounge area and a small store with a great CD collection.


Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This space has been playing underground techno music for more than seven years. The unique dance floor features neon details, and the elaborate decor includes the image of an equalizer projected onto one of the walls. Its design has won various international awards for innovation, and the amazing DJs have transformed this place into one of the first choices among Sao Paulo locals.

DJ Club Bar

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This club was created by two DJs in 2000 as a nightclub playing an eclectic mix of techno, indie and rock music. It has two bars, lounges, and one of the city's best dance floors. Depending on what day you go, you'll hear hits from the 80s and 90s, along with today's music. DJ Club Bar has large video screens showing music videos, shows, and movies.


Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Funhouse is an underground nightclub for young people. It has amazing parties from Wednesday night through Saturday night, mainly playing current music. The nightclub offers three different areas: a bar, a dance floor, and a comfortable lounge area for relaxing and talking. Every night has a different music theme, like techno, hip-hop, glam rock, indie, etc.

Inferno Club

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Inferno Club is a highly popular spot for those who know their way around Sao Paulo's night scene. It was created by members of different bands as a place formed "by bands, for bands". The club is situated in the city's central area, on the vibrant Rua Augusta. Inferno Club has different theme nights, ranging from indie to techno.


Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This bar is a fun spot, mixing Tiki-style decoration with funk, boogaloo, latin jazz and rock steady music. After eight years standing out in Sao Paulo's night scene, it was re-inaugurated at the end of 2008 with two major innovations: Tiki Jive (a Polynesian-inspired bar) and Galeria Macarrao in memory of artist Fernando Luis Alvim Lage, the Brazilian pioneer in digital artwork. Various well-known local DJs are scheduled each night to fill the air with their incredible music.

Morrison Rock Bar

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Created in 1994, this bar was built in honor of vocalist Jim Morrison and features three main areas. "O Aquario" is a bar area set at the entrance, offering a calm, intimate ambiance with a 25-foot bar and a few tables with a view of the street through a glass window, along with an enormous mirror for last-minute touchups and a wall with photos of customers. The "A Pista" area, on the same floor, is a large area with a stage and a dance floor. Finally, "Morrison Hotel", on the second floor, has a lounge for enjoying refreshing drinks while listening to the same music as the ground floor in a more laid-back atmosphere.

Toy Lounge

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This lounge is designed in a unique "kids" theme, with walls covered in vibrant colors and toy collections that will take you back. The lounge has beanbag chairs, sofas, romantic lighting and a dance floor with a stage for live bands and a DJ cabin. Special events are generally held Thursdays through Saturdays, so don't miss out on this spot when you visit Sao Paulo.

Club Lotus

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

After three years of success at its original location in Sao Paulo's World Trade Center, Clube Lotus reopened in Itaim Bibi Plaza in 2008. Many local celebrities come to this exclusive nighttime hotspot to have fun until sunrise. The club has a capacity for up to 700 people with VIP areas, a dance floor, a DJ booth and laser lighting. The music is great, not to mention the drinks!

Skye Bar

Nightlife in Sao Paulo, Brazil

This exclusive bar is situated on the roof of the Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo's Jardins neighborhood. It features elegant decor, panoramic views looking out over the city, a pool with a view, and delicious caipirinhas. Make sure to try something from the menu, which offers everything from gourmet dishes to favorites like sushi and pizza. This popular bar is almost always full, since it's the perfect place for having a drink or a romantic dinner.

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