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Nightlife in Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

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When people go for a night out in Sao Jose dos Campos, they normally head to a busy area where the street Luiz Jacinto is located. Here, there's a wide variety of bars, restaurants, steakhouses, pizzerias, and clubs. Many of them feature beautiful views of the Banhado, which is a natural amphitheater on the edge of the city that is now protected by the government. Vila Ema is another popular area for a night out, although you can pretty much find great nightlife options all over the city.

Anexo da Nena

Visit the Anexo da Nena night club!

One of the most popular nightclubs in the Paraiba Valley evolved from a very traditional restaurant in Sao Jose dos Campos, La Cantina da Nena. Anexo da Nena, has played host to well known Brazilian artists and local pop and rock bands ever since it opened, in 1996. They have mixed a traditional pub style with the characteristics of a nightclub, and it is now frequented by close to 6,000 people a month.


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Eivissa opened its doors in 2006, and quickly became the most popular club in the region for fans of electronic and house music. The structure itself is impressive, featuring eight stylishly decorated spaces that include a dance floor, two decks, a terrace, a mezzanine level, a restaurant, a bar, and a lounge. On the rooftop terrace you'll find leather chairs under a canopy of trees, which is a great place to take a break from the dance floor and enjoy a drink and a chat. The two deck areas are open from six in the evening, before the dance floor. In addition to the drinks that you can get in the vast majority of bars and nightclubs, you'll also find the house cocktail, Saint Jordi, the recipe of which is still a closely guarded secret.

Chopp do Barao

Visit the local bars in Sao Jose Dos Campos!

This bar is home to one of the most popular Happy Hour promotions in Sao Jose dos Campos. Here you'll find innovative specialty dishes of a very high quality, different to those served in many of the other bars. The atmosphere is relaxed, and it is normally full of people.

Bar Coronel

Enjoy the Sao Jose Dos Campos' night life!

Bar Coronel is an old-fashioned establishment with tiled walls, a large wooden bar, and dark tables and chairs. You'll find the waiters passing by the tables all night long with trays full of snacks, such as "bolinhos de bacalhau" (spherical cod croquettes), "empadas de palmito" (a baked Brazilian specialty made with butter and flour), and small sandwiches.

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