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Welcome to Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil!

Sao Jose dos Campos is located between two of the most important centers of production and consumption in all of Brazil: Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. With nearly 700,000 inhabitants, this city is modern but, at the same time, hasn't lost its provincial charm.


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Sao Jose has urban infrastructure and an industrial sector that are both very well planned, placing it high on the list of investors, executives and business professionals who are looking for a better lifestyle. It is also ranked among the top 25 cities of the country with the best standard of living, according to the UN, and among the nine best places to do business, according to the Brazilian magazine, Exame. The municipality has lots of green areas with parks, eco-reserves and alpine regions. More than 60% of the area is considered protected green areas.

This city is very important, both economically and culturally. The commerce is dynamic and there are also several shopping centers.

High Tech

The Technological Institute of Aeronautic Sciences in Sao Jose Dos Campos

Sao Jose dos Campos is the largest scientific research and high tech productions center in all of Brazil. The main references in cutting edge aerospace technology of the country can be found here at the Embraer, the INPE (National Institute of Space Investigation), the CTA (General Command of Aerospace Technology) and the ITA (Technological Institute of Aeronautic Sciences). This last institution is one of the most popular universities in Brazil.

Sao Jose Dos Campos, a city with high tech!

Apart from the airplanes that are exported to five continents, as well as the satellites that help monitor the vast natural resources of the country, this municipality is the home of modern industrial complexes for automobile, aerospace, electronic and telecommunications companies. Given that the region has many industries, the business and conventions sector normally fill the hotels.

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