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Nightlife in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The Santo Domingo nights invite you to enjoy the Caribbean rhythm on a sultry night on the coast, while sipping on a refreshing, yet exotic, cocktail. In this city where the party never ends, come have a good time with the multiple nighttime entertainment options in bars and restaurants. Santo Domingo is definitely the best place in the Dominican Republic to enjoy a varied, yet exciting nightlife.

In the pier area, as well as in the hotels on Independencia, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington Avenues, there are nightclubs that are the gathering places of all those who enjoy a good bit of nightlife. On the pedestrian walkway of El Conde in the Colonial Zone, you can find excellent bars and nightclubs for a fully enjoyable evening. Damas, Mercedes, La Ataranzana, Isabel la Catolica and Padre Billini are also good streets to go bar hopping with a stop for dinner and then, on to a nice establishment for some drinks, dancing and listening to live bands. Don't stay in your hotel when you can be out doing what the Dominicans love doing best: enjoying life.

Bars and Pubs

Nightlife in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

From sophisticated Caribbean cocktails with the traditional addition of rum, to icy cold beers ("frias" as they are called), you can find this and more in the variety of bars around the city. There is a wild variety to satisfy all tastes so start your afternoon with speakers pumping the bass while you serve yourself a glass of beer or a refreshing cocktail.

The intense party animals that the Dominicans have inside have made it so that in the majority of the bars, you can dance and even sing. You can find karaoke or live music in many of these establishments. Depending on your budget, you can also find comfortable lounge-style bars, local watering holes and even beer gardens called "colmadones." These are the places where locals get together after work to relax with a cold one (or "fria") to the rhythm of a jukebox, while you dance the evening away.

Nightlife in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

From 5 to 6 pm, you can find a lot of these establishments open, offering their happy hour specials, which sometimes last until 10:00 at night. At this hour, you can hit the nightclubs, which begin to attract revelers. There is no restriction in terms of a drinking cut-off hour nor for a bar closing time so make your nights last as long as you like.

Live Music

Nightlife in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The creole and mestizo influence has produced unique musical rhythms that can be heard all over the city, day or night. Merengue is a dynamic, lilting beat that uses instruments like the tambora, the guira, the accordion, the bass and even a saxophone. There is also the Bachata, which is a little more sensual and rhythmic. The Perico Ripiao (which is a more indigenous style merengue), as well as other dances such as the more folkloric ones like the mangulina and the carabine, has its roots in Spanish tradition.

The music groups fill the nightclubs, the casinos and even some cafes, bars and restaurants, giving the Santo Domingo nightlife constant background music that is filled with Caribbean flavor and rhythm. The Merengue Bar at Hotel Jaragua, the Bachata Rosa (owned by famous Dominican musician, Juan Luis Guerra) and the Guacara Taina, which takes the nighttime heat to a new level: underground. Naturally formed caves are where you can sing, dance and listen to this type of music. There are also other places that are worth exploring.


Nightlife in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Young Dominicans and a large part of the tourists come together to let off a little steam, singing and dancing all night in the nightclubs of Santo Domingo. The beautiful people will most definitely be out, showing off their best dance moves as well as the latest in fashion in the clubs of the city. There are clubs that specialize in Latin beats like merengue or reggaeton. Electronic music, Latin and international pop and even blues and jazz can also be found in some establishments.

Much of the more successful clubs can be found in the hotels so hit the streets where the hotels are, in the city and on the beach. You're sure to find excellent options to dance to the beat of your favorite music. The Colonial Zone, with its old architecture, is also a great place to find many a nightclub for your taste of the social life here in Santo Domingo.


Nightlife in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Another one of the marvels of the Dominican Republic is its casinos. If you're 18 years or older, you can have a shot at being a millionaire so if you consider yourself a poker fiend, a blackjack king or have a perfect throw, this may just be your lucky night. The bets can be placed in Dominican pesos or in US dollars.

The casinos are a part of the main hotels in Santo Domingo, some of which can make a very pleasant night even more pleasant and interesting with live music performed by jazz or merengue bands, so that you can dance in between hands of poker. Some of the most famous casinos are those of the Sheraton, the Renaissance Jaragua and the Hispaniola. There are over 30 casinos in all of Santo Domingo so expect to be entertained.

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