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Shopping in Santiago de Chile: Handcrafts, Souvenirs and Malls

Compras en Santiago de Chile

Because of Chile's rapid economic development over the last few years, Santiago de Chile now has large, modern shopping malls. You can find from basic items to luxury goods, such as jewelry, designer clothing and accessories. The malls in Santiago de Chile are an important meeting place for people of all ages because they also provide options for entertainment, such as movie theaters, art galleries, restaurants, fast food outlets, and gourmet dining options.

While shopping in Santiago de Chile, you can get excellent Chilean wines, typical candies, or a unique piece of pottery. You can also find wooden figurines and beautiful blown glass vases, which all make fantastic souvenirs of your trip to this cosmopolitan city.

Alto Las Condes

Compras en Santiago de Chile

Alto Las Condes is probably the most upscale shopping mall in Santiago de Chile. With 200 retail shops and department stores and about 15 restaurants, it is definitely worth visiting during your next visit.


Compras en Santiago de Chile

Apumanque is one of the most popular shopping malls in Santiago de Chile. This two story building features over 350 retail and specialty stores that carry all sorts of merchandise. It is located on the corner of Apoquindo Avenue and Manquehue Street, in a busy commercial district.

Arauco Outlet Mall

Compras en Santiago de Chile

The attraction of this mall is the incredible prices found in all of the 150 retail shops. Arauco Outlet Mall is in Maipu, west of downtown Santiago.

La Dehesa

Compras en Santiago de Chile

La Dehesa has about 50 shops, a supermarket, a restaurant, and even a tea room. It's on the corner of El Rodeo and La Dehesa and it is open seven days a week.

Lo Castillo

Compras en Santiago de Chile

At Lo Castillo, you'll find interesting antique shops, as well as women's apparel. There are also two movie theaters, including one that only shows art films. Lo Castillo is located in the La Condes neighborhood.

Los Cobres

Compras en Santiago de Chile

One of the highlights of Plaza Los Cobres is its skating rink, but it also has movie theaters, restaurants, and more than 150 stores selling a variety of merchandise.

Mall Panoramico

Compras en Santiago de Chile

You'll find Mall Panoramico near downtown Santiago de Chile, in the Providencia neighborhood. This mall has numerous retail shops with clothes for teens and young adults, so it is usually crowded with Santiago's young local population.

Mall Plaza Vespucio

Compras en Santiago de Chile

Six movie theaters, several fast food restaurants, a kid's play area, as well as three different department stores are just some of what's on offer at Mall Plaza Vespucio. It's located in the east of Santiago de Chile, in a neighborhood called La Florida.

Parque Arauco

Compras en Santiago de Chile

Arauco Park is an extremely popular place on weekends, although it also attracts quite a few people on weekdays as well. You'll find lots of upscale shops and specialty stores located at this mall, along with banks and several fast food restaurants.

Pueblo Artesanal de Los Dominicos

Compras en Santiago de Chile

If you are in the market for arts and crafts while visiting Santiago de Chile, then definitely stop by the Pueblo Artesanal de Los Dominicos. Besides having rustic architecture made of adobe, lime and hay, at Pueblo Artesanal de Los Dominicos you can also find lovely ceramic pottery, wooden figurines, and blown glass decorations, along with gold, silver, and copper objects, all of which have been made the same way for centuries.

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