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Restaurants in Santiago de Chile, Chile: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Santiago de Chile, Chile

The city of Santiago de Chile has a great selection of restaurants offering all kinds of dishes. Many of them are the result of the fusion of different culinary traditions, including indigenous and Spanish styles of cooking. Italian, German and French immigrants have also left their mark on the food served in the restaurants of Santiago, resulting in what is now known as the Creole cuisine of Chile. On the other hand, you must sample a few of the good Chilean wines when you visit this cosmopolitan city, and don't forget to try the famous Chilean pisco as well. This is a brandy-like liquor served on the rocks, with lemon juice (pisco sour) or mixed with coke (piscola). The most popular restaurants in Santiago de Chile are located in the neighborhoods of Bellavista, Brasil, Lastarria, Nunoa, Providencia, Suecia, Patio Bellavista, Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro and Bosque Isidora Goyenechea. Here's a list of the most representative dining venues, however, you will definitely find many more excellent restaurants to eat at during your next vacation to Santiago de Chile.

La Sal

Restaurants in Santiago de Chile, Chile

Along with its friendly atmosphere, La Sal features specialties, such as "Lomo a la Bourguignon" (chunks of pork loin sauteed with French onion, mushrooms and capers), or baked sea bass with potatoes and tomatoes. La Sal's wine cellar includes bottles such as Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva de Tarapaca and Sauvignon Blanc Santa Rita Casa Real. Located on Avenida Vitacura, this excellent restaurant has won several local awards over the years.

Restaurant Gourmet Alfresco

Restaurants in Santiago de Chile, Chile

Created by the Peruvian chef Alfredo Aramburu, this restaurant in Santiago boasts an outstanding selection of fresh seafood. The menu includes specialties such as "Ceviche Mixto de Atun y Pulpo al Cilantro" (mixed ceviche of tuna and octopus accompanied with coriander) or the "Pulpito a las Cinco Pimientas con Risotto de Trigo Azafranado" (octopus seasoned with five peppers accompanied with wheat risotto sauteed in saffron). You can also order delicious steaks here, such as "Lomo Salteado de Alfresco del Peru" (Peruvian style loin), and beef sauteed with chopped tomato, onion and fries, accompanied by a quail egg and white rice. This restaurant is located on Avenida Las Condes.

Palacio Danubio Azul

Restaurants in Santiago de Chile, Chile

This restaurant/bar is one of the best Asian food venues in Santiago de Chile. Palacio Danubio Azul is an excellent choice for a pleasant family dinner, however, there is also an area for business people that has wireless Internet access and a lounge bar with a tempting happy hour. Palacio Danubio Azul is on Calle Reyes Lavalle and it also features a menu specifically for kids.

El Huerto

Restaurants in Santiago de Chile, Chile

Located on a street called Orrego Luco, El Huerto serves a great selection of vegetarian dishes. The delicious calzones stuffed with fresh herbs, tomatoes, ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese, or the mushrooms sauteed in white wine and herbs are just two of the delicious choices on offer here. With regards to drinks, you'll find organic tea, several types of wine, a variety of domestic and imported beers, plus many other types of liquor. Be sure to try their all-natural ice cream for dessert!


Restaurants in Santiago de Chile, Chile

This sophisticated restaurant has been serving delicious cuisine for more than 30 years. Emilio has been the preferred restaurant with locals for several generations, because of the traditional family recipes to which they have added some European and Creole touches. Savor elegantly presented cuisine in this modern, comfortable restaurant, located on Calle Monsenor Escriva de Balaguer.

Rincon Brasileiro

Restaurants in Santiago de Chile, Chile

The flavors of Brazil should not be missed out on during your vacation to this beautiful city. So pay a visit to Rincon Brasileiro, a restaurant on Manuel Montt Street specializing in grilled steaks and chicken. The main courses are usually accompanied by delicious salads and "feijao" (black beans or "porotos", as they're called in Chile). Try their "caipirinha", the typical cocktail of Brazil, prepared with liquor made from fermented sugarcane, sugar, and lime juice, or order a "pisco sour" (pisco, lemon and sugar). The restaurant features beautiful murals of renowned Brazilian landmarks.

La Copa Feliz del Eden

Restaurants in Santiago de Chile, Chile

With nearly 1.5 acres of gardens, La Copa Feliz del Eden serves delicious traditional Chilean specialties using seafood, quail, rabbit and lamb, either grilled or cooked in a clay oven. The restaurant is located in a charming building, on Avenida Echenique, and has a family-friendly atmosphere. Everything served here emanates the true flavors of Santiago. Long-held culinary traditions can be enjoyed in a refreshing pisco sour, a calf fillet or a tempting dessert, such as sliced papaya with custard apple mousse and orange sauce.

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