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Nightlife in Santiago de Chile, Chile: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Vida Nocturna en Santiago de Chile, Chile

Santiago's nightlife, like the city itself, is extremely diverse. There are places where you can chat and have a variety of delicious snacks, wines and liquors while also listening to relaxing bohemian music. On the other hand, there are also dance clubs where you can party hard until the early hours of the morning.

Santiago de Chile also features plenty of really unique things to do of an evening, such as perhaps watching an independent art house movie, visiting photo or sculpture exhibitions complete with jazz ensembles, or even enjoying a kind of circus show performed to punk rock. There's definitely something for everyone to enjoy during a night out in Santiago de Chile!

Bar Bazul

Vida Nocturna en Santiago de Chile, Chile

Open for nearly 15 years, Bar Bazul has a friendly atmosphere along with distinctive interior and exterior decor. The staff are renowned for their excellent service and the menu is full of snacks and beverages to please the most demanding customer. Bar Bazul always has a great selection of music playing, ranging from a bohemian guitarist to the hottest DJs.

Bar Central

Vida Nocturna en Santiago de Chile, Chile

Bar Central or "The Red Bar" as it's also known, because of its trademark lighting, offers clients a great selection of liquors, plus an enviable wine list and a cool, eclectic mix of music. To accompany your drinks and conversation, Bar Central has a good selection of hors d'oeuvres. They also have natural juices, beer and the most typical Chilean drink, pisco, which is prepared here in the traditional way.

Bar Constitucion

Vida Nocturna en Santiago de Chile, Chile

Owned and operated by a group of young friends, this bar is for anyone who has a broad taste in music. Bar Constitucion has a calendar full of live concerts that include rock nights, guest DJs, and traditional dance nights. As far as the drinks go, at Constitucion you can get a glass of good wine, innovative house cocktails, and also the regular mixed drinks made with rum, tequila and pisco.


Vida Nocturna en Santiago de Chile, Chile

Batuta first opened its doors more than two decades ago with the primary objective of promoting new local bands. Most of the best rock bands in Chile have performed on Batuta's stage, such as La Ley, Lucybell and Los Bunkers. This alternative club often has not only one but two live groups playing on the same night, and the sound and light equipment here are excellent. The drinks are affordable, including the cocktails made with vodka, brandy, rum, and tequila, although domestic beer and soft drinks are also offered.

Centro Cultural Amanda

Vida Nocturna en Santiago de Chile, Chile

Rock concerts, DJs, art cinema, theater workshops, and an open air restaurant with delicious sandwiches, gourmet coffee and unique drinks, are just some of the many attractions on offer at the Centro Cultural Amanda (Amanda Cultural Center). Be sure to visit during your next trip to Santiago de Chile.

La Unidad, Club de Industria Cultural

Vida Nocturna en Santiago de Chile, Chile

La Unidad, Club de Industria Cultural (The Unity, Cultural Industry Club) is an arts and entertainment center where they stage rock, pop, and electronic concerts. La Unidad brings together many different styles and trends. It's a place where musicians, graffiti artists, skateboarders, jugglers, mimes, clowns, and visual artists combine their skills to create a really interesting cultural experiment. La Unidad, Club de Industria Cultural is without a doubt an excellent option for a unique night out in Santiago.

Opera Catedral

Vida Nocturna en Santiago de Chile, Chile

This venue offers three different concepts in one place. The first locale, "Opera", is a luxurious gourmet restaurant where the menu includes lobster and truffled hen. The there is "Cafe Catedral", where you can sample gourmet coffees, plus delicious sandwiches and cakes. Finally, at "Opera Catedral", listen to the best bands of Santiago de Chile while enjoying a cheese platter or some delicious brochettes. Choose a Tom Collins, a Tequila Sunrise, or perhaps a White Russian from their extensive list of cocktails, or just have a few beers, some traditional Chilean pisco, and enjoy all that the Opera Catedral has to offer.


Vida Nocturna en Santiago de Chile, Chile

Subterraneo is a dance club in the Providencia area of town. Here's where the best DJs in Santiago de Chile prove themselves to the public by showing off their mixing skills. Featuring great cocktails, Subterraneo is definitely a very cool place to go for a night out in Santiago de Chile.

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