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Shopping in Santa Marta: Handcrafts, Souvenirs and Malls

Shopping in Santa Marta, Colombia!

When you visit the beautiful city of Santa Marta, go on a shopping spree for a number of interesting and diverse articles of clothing, souvenirs and unique handicrafts to take back home as mementos of this fabulous visit to Colombia.

Santa Marta is known for its entertaining rumbas, the lovely breeze on beaches worthy of being called a tropical paradise, a delicious seafood meal and great events. There are, however, those endless searches for beautiful pieces of handiwork, everything from paintings to artisan wine and even luxury items. You can also find a variety of functional art, handmade by the locals of Santa Marta.

Local Handicrafts

Visit the markets in Santa Marta, Colombia!

In this lovely Colombian city, you can find all sorts of handicrafts in the many locales that can be found in different spots all around the city, shopping centers, the historic center, the street markets and the handicraft fairs. From clothing, jewelry, shoes and wallets to local, national and international brand name items can be found here.

Take back with you an authentic souvenir from Santa Marta!

There is also a variety of articles like handicrafts and clothes that can be found in the street markets that are set up all week long, where you can find typical candies, fruit and many other types of souvenirs.

Visit the Historic Center for some shopping!

Walking any time during the year but mainly in January, it is easy to find dozens of artisans located everywhere in the historic center, selling products of considerable quality and offering excellent attention for those who are hardcore shoppers.

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