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Restaurants in Santa Marta: Gastronomy and Authentic Cuisine

Restaurants in Santa Marta, 

The cuisine of Santa Marta was based on its location. There are different culinary techniques and diverse flavors that will entice even the most discerning diner. Whether you are in the city, by the Caribbean Sea or in the Sierra Nevada, you can find a variety of options that combine indigenous, Spanish and African influences, offering exotic dishes, made up mainly of seafood.

Traditional Dishes

Try the delicious cocadas!

Among the main dishes, there are fish and seafood, carimanolas (cassava paste stuffed with meat or cheese), egg arepas (grilled corn patties), enyucados (local dessert), name (tuber), the bollo limpio, the patacon and cocadas.

Daily fare is based on the "guineo verde", unripe bananas. It can be cooked, fried in slices to make carimanolas, accompanied by rice or fish soup. There is also the popular guineo pachangao or cayeye which is cooked cassava with cheese and butter, patacones or any one of its many varieties. You can also find anywhere in the country, corn flour to make arepas, empanadas and bollos.

There are a variety of delicious gastronomical alternatives in Santa Marta which the visitor can definitely find will treat their palate.

Donde Chucho

Delight your palate at Donde Chucho's restaurant!

The original site of this restaurant is located in Rodadero. It has since built another branch in a park frequented by lovers, called "Donde Chucho Gourmet". Both are excellent choices and offer a wide variety of delicious seafood and an extensive pasta and meat menu, there is also a section dedicated to a selection of excellent wines.


Visit the region's best restaurants!

Burukuka is an exceptional spot to enjoy the wide variety of traditional and international dishes. Located in Rodadero, this restaurant bar has a variety of dishes to choose from, spectacular views of the sea, a wonderful breeze from the beautiful bay of Santa Marta, modern electronic music and tropical beats like vallenatos and merengues, providing for a spectacular experience for the visitor.


Try authentic cuisine from Colombia!

This is an excellent option that offers Colombian flavor in full effect, with traditional recipes combining with Mediterranean influences to create new and exotic gastronomic tendencies.

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