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Nightlife in Santa Marta, Colombia: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Enjoy the nights in Santa Marta, Colombia!

Santa Marta offers the magic and charm of Caribbean rhythms like cumbias, vallenatos and international sounds. These can be heard in the modern and fun, nightly entertainment options that can be found in this city.

To be a part of the unforgettable nights, the best option are the bars, casinos, nightclubs and cafes that are located around this great Colombian city. The most elegant and modern spots are located in the historic center and Rodadero. These places offer distinct ambiances: peaceful, romantic and happy, especially with the different musical genres.

Nowadays, the most frequented street for nighttime activities in Santa Marta is Calle 17. Between Carrera 2 and Carrera 4, you can see a large number of bars that surround the historic center and lovers' park. These new and modern bars offer more entertainment options and nighttime fun in this marvelous city.


Visit Crab's!

Crab's is located on Calle 18, between Carrera 3 and 4, in the historic center of Santa Marta. The nights at this spectacular bar are characterized for its excellent musical taste, which tends to be blues and rock from the 60s and 70s. You can even climb on stage and give an impromptu concert.

La Escollera

Experience the excitement of the nights in Santa Marta!

This particular spot is unique because it's located in the middle of a lake. It's the ideal place to enjoy big screens and robotic lights. La Escollera can accommodate up to 1,500 people and offers a very unique show.


Have fun with the locals!

This incredible site is in the park of lovers. There are two separate electronic ambiances on the second floor, a beautiful red room with comfortable furniture and robotic lights, as well as an extensive variety of liquor and drink. On the first floor, you can hear crossover music, where there is also a large bar and an outdoor area where you can dance a rumba.

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