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Attractions in Santa Marta, Colombia: What to do and where to go

Discover Santa Marta, Colombia!

Santa Marta is a splendid place where you can experience a very unique stay. The landscapes consist of hot springs, crystal-clear rivers, cascades and a number of pristinely beautiful beaches. Don't miss the opportunity to see one of the most beautiful territories in the Caribbean.

The Bay of Santa Marta

This is very good example of the incredible beauty of the city of Santa Marta. The Bay sits on the Caribbean Sea and from here, you can admire the lovely evening sunsets that are picture-perfect scenes.


Get to know El Rodadero

This is one of the most important tourist areas of the city due to the fact that it has the largest number of hotels. It has also become the most visited area by tourists. There is also an interesting variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs so that you can have a simply unforgettable vacation.

Sierra Nevada

Experience an adventure in Sierra Nevada!

Sierra Nevada is the tallest coastal mountain region in the world. It occupies about 10,500 square miles of area and reaches almost 19,000 feet, the tallest of which is Pico Simon Bolivar, followed by the Pico Cristobal Colon. In the surrounding areas, there are also areas protected by the system of Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia (National Nature Parks of Colombia) of Santa Marta.

Tayrona National Park

Visit the Tayrona National Park

The Tayrona National Park is in Punta Venado, to the northeast of the Taganga Bay, only 21 miles from the city of Santa Marta. This eco-reserve is considered one of the most important and beautiful in Colombia and has a little over 37,000 acres of land. Inside the Tayrona National Park, there are indigenous settlements and beautiful virgin beaches where you can find a lot of eco-tourism.


Discover Neguanje!

Neguanje is made up of the very large central bay of Tayrona National Park, located some 45 minutes from the city of Santa Marta. This marvelous site has a bit of ocean current and is characterized for having two beautiful beaches separated by a rocky crag. This is the perfect site to snorkel and admire reefs. You can also find lush flora, making it the perfect place to go camping.

Playa Cristal

You can get to fabulous Playa Cristal (Cristal Beach) by boat. It is minutes away from Neguanje and is considered one of the most important ecological areas in this part of Colombia. It has crystal-clear waters, white sand and landscapes that offer peace and tranquility which many tourists strive to find.

Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino

La Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, a National Monument!

Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino is a hacienda that was founded on February 2, 1608 by Don Francisco de Godoy y Cortesia in the Mamatoco area of the city of Santa Marta. This national monument is one of the most visited attractions in northern Colombia because it is the sanctuary or the altar of the nation that was witness to the final moments of Simon Bolivar that fateful December 17, 1830. The buildings reflect lovely 17th century architecture and are surrounded by beautiful botanic gardens.

Playa Blanca

Be surprised by Playa Blanca!

This divine spot is located only 15 minutes from Rodadero. Its beaches, which look like a piece of tropical paradise, have white sand and crystal-clear waters, making it the ideal place to enjoy the sea and to visit a variety of food and drink stands.

Pozos Colorados

Take this opportunity to explore the main tourist areas!

It is one of the most important tourist sectors of the city of Santa Marta. Here you will find higher category hotels within feet of peaceful beaches. People of all ages come to enjoy the excellent landscapes.


Scuba dive in Taganga

This tourist destination is 20 minutes from the city of Santa Marta and is characterized for it deep waters and its expert fishermen. The beaches of this area offer incredible views of the mountains while the water is fantastic for scuba diving and extreme sports.

Playa Grande

Enjoy Playa Grande's panoramic views!

Playa Grande is a beach that is five minutes from Taganga by boat and is a beautiful place, surrounded by spectacular white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. There are modern installations that allow for incredible views while you enjoy delicious drinks and savor excellent regional fare.

Bahia Concha

Be surprised by Bahia Concha's biodiversity!

In this place, there are a variety of interesting flora and fauna that will surprise the visitors that come to this beautiful bay. Its wooded area is surrounded by mountains, water and sand that make it a spectacular sight of beauty that will have the tourist enjoying every moment.

Los Naranjos

Discover Los Naranjos!

Los Naranjos is 40 minutes from the city of Santa Marta and has the particular characteristic of being a fantastic spot to surf and enjoy the view of the Sierra Nevada. There is also the mouth of the Piedras River where there is an incredible biodiversity of flora and fauna that can be admired by all visitors.


Explore the reefs in Santa Marta!

This is a unique and marvelous natural landscape that is also a virgin beach where you can camp and visit modern restaurants. It is only 45 minutes from Santa Marta and is known for the current of fresh water that comes from the gully of this town in the Sierra Nevada.

La Piscina

Freshen up at La Piscina in Santa Marta!

La Piscina is surrounded by a barrier reef and forms something like a pool with calm waters where anyone can swim peacefully. It is an excellent spot for swimming and relaxation in the midst of incredible beauty.


Discover Buritaca's Lost City!

Buritaca is about an hour from Santa Marta and its main attraction is the mouth of the Buritaca River into the Caribbean Sea. The river descends from the Sierra Nevada and creates a strip of spectacular beach where the river is calm and crystalline with different depths. There you can find the Ciudad Perdida (the Lost City), where you can see the Tayrona settlements built during pre-Colombian times.


Experience an adventure in Wachakyta!

This is a small and marvelous bay which you can only access by sea. This serene beach of crystal clear waters and white sand is an excellent spot to rest and relax.

Religious Architecture in Santa Marta

Amaze yourself with Santa Marta's religious architecture!

Simon Bolivar was buried in Catedral Basilica, one of the most visited attractions of the city and considered the mother of all churches in Colombia. It took 30 years to construct and is also the site where the ashes of Don Rodrigo de Bastidas (founder of the city) can be found. Apart from the Cathedral, the churches of Bonda, Taganga and Mamatoco are also examples of the start of Catholicism in the Americas.

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