Santa Fe, Argentina

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Shopping in Santa Fe: Handcrafts, Souvenirs and Malls

Shopping in Santa Fe, Argentina

This beautiful city, filled with lush vegetation and natural beauty, also offers modern, first-class shopping centers. Here, you will find department stores selling the latest fashion trends, high-end shoe stores, internationally-known boutique shops, and gourmet restaurants where you can try rich appetizers during a day of shopping in this fascinating destination.

The city of Santa Fe has gone to great lengths to care for and preserve the old buildings and colonial constructions in the city's downtown area, so don't miss out on a chance to explore the different shops and markets while enjoying a great day with your family or friends.

In the city's downtown area and all along the shores of the Parana River, you'll come across modern shopping areas along with outdoor artisan markets. These stores and markets offer a wide variety of regionally-made products sold at competitive prices. Artisans from Santa Fe and from the Argentine provinces of Cordoba, Chaco and Entre Rios come to sell their products in this city. You can acquire regional items such as Andean crafts, ceramic figurines, utensils for drinking traditional "mate", sweaters made from alpaca wool, silver jewelry and much more.

At the end of a tiring day of shopping around town, kick back and relax with a traditional mate in one of the city's many cafes.

La Ribera Shopping Center

Shopping in Santa Fe, Argentina

Spend a day shopping and having a great time in this modern tourist shopping center, set right on the shore of the Parana River. Today, this tourist complex and shopping arena is considered to be one of the best in Argentina due to its contemporary facilities, large amount of prestigious locales, and first-class services.

Locals and tourists alike often visit this mall, which offers fun for every style and age. La Ribera Shopping Center has numerous attractions, including a five-star hotel, an international-level casino, numerous stores, boutiques selling international brands, an amusement park, an outdoor food court, gourmet restaurants, beauty salons, a fascinating cultural center, a variety of fast food restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, toy stores, department stores and spacious parking.

Feria del Sol y la Luna

Shopping in Santa Fe, Argentina

This large regional fair takes place in Plaza Pueyrredon every summer, showing off the warm hospitality of the locals, known as "Santafesinos". Families from all over the region and neighboring cities come together during this exciting event, filled with delicious food, games for kids and adults, cultural shows and, of course, a wide variety of local crafts. Here you can buy traditional "pampas" clothing, drinking utensils for the famous "mate" beverage, sweaters made from alpaca wool, traditional sweets, silver jewelry and hand-made wooden artisanry.

Estación Recoleta

Shopping in Santa Fe, Argentina

Estacion Recoleta is a large shopping center that opened in 1993, whose construction combines antique railway-style architecture with modern facilities and first-class services. Strategically located on the prestigious Avenida Ridavia (considered one of the city's top areas for commercial development), it offers more than 30,000 square feet of shopping space. Without a doubt this is an excellent spot for acquiring high quality products and spending a great afternoon with friends and family.

Estacion Recoleta has numerous stores and shops, fast food restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, an outdoor food court, beauty salons, toy stores, department stores and spacious parking. Families, friends, couples and individuals often set aside time to make it to this shopping center, which offers a variety of options for everyone. You can enjoy an entire day here, since this beautiful venue also features art exhibits, plays, children's activities and even concerts.

Patio Casey Shopping Center

Shopping in Santa Fe, Argentina

Patio Casey Shopping Center is a modern mall situated in the southern part of Santa Fe, with more than 40 locales selling a wide variety of products and services for the entire family. This property was constructed in a new and unique architectural style in order to allow access to the large visiting public.

Bring along your credit card and prepare yourself for an entire day of exciting shopping, since this shopping center features movie theaters, fast food restaurants, music group performances on weekends, cultural exhibits, cafes, department stores, international brand boutiques and activities for children as well as adults.

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