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Restaurants in Santa Fe, Argentina: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Santa Fe, Argentina

The traditional cuisine of Argentina is a fusion of flavors and European ingredients (mostly Spanish and Italian) with meats and spices, native to South America. Italian cuisine has established strong roots in this country, with traditional dishes such as cannelloni, ravioli, risotto, pizza and calzone now a part of Argentinean cuisine. Spanish cuisine brought strong flavors and important contributions, such as different oven-cooking methods for the preparation of meats and seafood, the use of chickpeas in soups and stews, olive oil, cured meats, saffron, cheeses and the use of wine to accompany meals.

The abundance of wildlife, fish and cattle has made it possible to further develop the range of typical dishes in Argentinean cuisine. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the city's many restaurants which offer an abundance of gastronomic wonders.

Downtown District

Restaurants in Santa Fe, Argentina

As its name implies, the downtown district is located in the city center and is one of the most visited spots by locals and tourists alike, due to its convenient location near museums, handicrafts markets, shopping centers and government offices. Many of the downtown colonial buildings and old mansions built during the viceregal period have been converted into luxurious bars and world-class restaurants.

You can find so many interesting places to eat while walking through the old cobblestone streets. Take in the fragrance of freshly baked bread and steaks being cooked over an open fire, giving this area a distinctive feel. The best restaurants offer dinner and show packages, presenting tango dancers who glide across the floor to the rhythm of live traditional Argentinean songs, interpreted with violins and accordion.

Enjoy delicious dishes in this district, with restaurants that serve traditional Argentinean "bife" (prime beef steak) served with a fresh vinagrette salad and French fries. If you are really hungry, go ahead and order the famous Argentinean "asado", a platter composed of different prime beef cuts and Spanish-style chorizos, served with freshly baked bread, butter with aromatic herbs and roasted onions, all perfectly accompanied by a good glass of wine.

Candiotti Sur

Restaurants in Santa Fe, Argentina

This elegant neighborhood is one of the oldest and most picturesque urban settlements in the region, located in the northwest of Santa Fe. During the first decade of the 19th century, a large number of wealthy European immigrants came to this area, which explains why numerous mansions and old houses of English, French and Italian architecture can be found here. Many of these charming buildings have been transformed into luxurious hotels, elegant bars and first-class restaurants.

In this area, you can find English-style pubs offering drinks and traditional English dishes and quaint Italian trattorias with outdoor tables, where you can find delicious pizzas being prepared. There are also excellent French restaurants offering exquisite cordon bleu creations, aromatic gourmet coffee and sophisticated desserts.

Circulo Italiano

Restaurants in Santa Fe, Argentina

This picturesque neighborhood is located in the downtown area and is the meeting place of many Italians and descendants of Italians living in Santa Fe. Argentina is recognized throughout Latin America for its gastronomic wealth, in particular for its local fare and its delicious Italian cuisine influences. Argentinean cuisine is distinctive in South America because of its strong resemblance to Spanish, Italian, French and other European cuisines.

The restaurants located in this neighborhood serve a wide variety of Italian dishes: all kinds of pastas, delicious pizzas prepared with olive oil and homemade sausage, cured meats, cheeses and wines, and of course, delicious desserts and traditional cappuccinos.

La Costanera de Santa Fe

Restaurants in Santa Fe, Argentina

The beautiful Costanera (the esplanade along the city's shoreline) is the favorite meeting place of locals. Late in the evening, entire families and groups of young people gather in this area to have fun and enjoy the evening's cool weather. The beautiful surroundings, abundance of greenery and the fresh breeze are the perfect setting to spend a pleasant evening with friends and family. Local artists and artisans come to this esplanade to sell silver jewelry, handicrafts, traditional Argentinean clothing and locally manufactured artisanal sweets like the delicious "alfajor" (two round biscuits with either caramel or jam in between) and the famous "dulce de leche" (caramel sweets made from goat's milk).

As a result of the abundant tourism that comes to the Costanera, there are many restaurants known as "Asadero Criollo"(Creole steakhouses) in this area. These restaurants specialize in Argentinean-style Creole cuisine and serve delicious seafood, prime meat cuts and fresh fish from the Parana River, accompanied by a fresh garden salad, Creole-style rice, French fries, freshly baked bread and Argentinean wine.

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