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Bienvenidos a Santa Fe, Argentina

Santa Fe is the capital city of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. This beautiful and picturesque city is bordered on the north by the province of Chaco, on the east by the provinces of Corrientes and Entre Rios, and on the south by the province of Buenos Aires. The city sits in the northeastern region of the country, near where the Parana and Salado rivers meet, giving the region a comfortable Mediterranean-style climate. The historic colonial city of Santa Fe witnessed the founding of a nation, and is heir to a vast cultural legacy.

The Founding of Santa Fe

Bienvenidos a Santa Fe, Argentina

When the first Spanish conquistadors arrived in this region of South America, they found a land full of wildlife, abundant greenery, flowing rivers and valleys favorable for extensive agriculture and the establishment of villages. While exploring this virgin territory, the Spaniards also discovered silver, gold and iron deposits. The Spanish kings would be notified of the great wealth in these lands, and would then commission the region's conquest and conversion to the Catholic faith. The native inhabitants of Argentina lived on hunting, fishing and fruit gathering.

The charming city of Santa Fe was founded by the Spanish conquistador Juan de Garay in 1573 with the original name of Santa Fe de la Veracruz, meaning "Holy Faith of Veracruz". According to Argentine historians, the city received this name as a tribute to the Catholic faith brought to the area by the Spaniards. During the 15th century, the Spanish crown was the defender of the Catholic faith against the Moors, Jews and Protestants. With the blessing of the church, De Garay established the first settlements in the western gorge of the Quiloazas River, also known as the San Javier River.

Bienvenidos a Santa Fe, Argentina

As a result of the influx of new settlers and the support of the Spanish royalty, the region continued growing and developing economically. With the construction of churches and cathedrals, the Catholic religion flourished, thus facilitating the spread of the new faith among the native residents of the area. Juan de Garay was the first lieutenant governor of the city of Santa Fe, and the province was established as Government Tenure of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Today

Bienvenidos a Santa Fe, Argentina

With a vast array of historical, architectural and cultural attractions, today Santa Fe is modern, vibrant and full of energy. The city features a touch of European elegance, located in the midst of a successful farming region. The province of Santa Fe has two main urban centers: the city of Santa Fe and the city of Rosario, which is one of Argentina's main economic centers thanks to its important port located on the shores of the Parana River.

Bienvenidos a Santa Fe, Argentina

The resurgence of the metal and automotive industries has created new and better employment opportunities in the city's urban areas. Along with the neighboring city of Rosario, Santa Fe enjoys a geographically privileged position. The area's natural wealth has attracted investors and foreign capital. Thanks to government support and steady investments, the city now boasts a flourishing tourism industry and is home to national and international seminars, conventions and corporate events. Due to its excellent climate, riverside location, agriculture, tourist attractions and dynamic automotive industry, Santa Fe is now one of the main engines of the country's economy.

Bienvenidos a Santa Fe, Argentina

Santa Fe is a historic city not only because it was the first settlement on the Rio de la Plata (River of Silver), but also because the first steps towards the creation of a nation were taken in this part of the country, and ultimately independence from the Spanish crown was later achieved here. Without abandoning its colonial roots, the city has encouraged new urban development that is reflected in its modern buildings, recreational parks and well-designed public spaces. Santa Fe is considered the birthplace of the constitution and is the guardian of various architectural treasures and moral values cherished by all Argentineans.

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