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Shopping San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi is known for its richness in culture, gastronomy and fine handicrafts. If your intention is to shop during your visit, make sure you stop by the countless stores and shopping malls that the city offers. Carranza Avenue is the most popular street in the city and home to several handicraft stores where typical regional products are sold. Numerous items, such as leather articles, musical instruments, pottery, baskets from the Huasteca region, cotton textiles, wooden accessories, jewelry, ironworks and shawls of Santa Maria de Rio, can all be easily found.

Two of the most popular regional handicrafts are embroidered shoulder bags and the colorful "quexquemitl", both of which are essential items in the outfits worn by Huasteca women. They are made with worsted yarn, crafted into images that depict different mythical characters of their culture. In some cases, a woman's marital status can be identified depending on the color that predominates in her clothes.

San Luis Potosi is home to the "Rebozo de Santa Maria de Rio", a Mexican shawl that happens to be the oldest article of traditional Mexican clothing. Ever since it was first made, the shawl became an icon of Mexican culture and was adopted by various regions throughout the country. Nowadays, shawls from different cities have their own unique styles and colors. This article of clothing is worn by women belonging to all social classes in Mexico, from peasants to the elite.

Downtown Stores

San Luis Potosi shopping

It is quite common for people to get carried away by the variety of merchandise found in the shops and boutiques of San Luis Potosi. Those who have shopped here before know that the trade of precious stones is the primary source of business in the city. This is largely due to the abundance of minerals found in the region and the fundamental reason that lead to the creation of San Luis Real de Minas del Potosi, over 400 years ago. Besides the gemstones, you're also likely to find several handicrafts, including wooden toys, rattan baskets, precious items made with brass, metal sculptures and leather articles, to name but a few. Items also vary from different periods in time, ranging from rare old books to the latest technology.

San Luis Potosi shoppingAside from all the shopping options, the city also has appealing architecture characterized by different designs. Details such as windows, signs, door frames and shelves, are a few examples of items which date back to the early 20th century. These items form an interesting contrast when combined with the older cobblestone streets and colonial facades in the city.

Costanzo Chocolates

San Luis Potosi shopping

Since 1935, Costanzo Chocolates have won the heart of locals and tourists who visit San Luis Potosi. The factory has several shops throughout the city but the original store is located in the historic center and is managed by its owner Luis Costanzo. They currently offer over 150 kinds of candies and use the best and latest machinery for their production. Try the famous "tornillos", "duquesas", "princesas", jellies, cinnamon-flavored nuts and many other tasty candies.


San Luis Potosi shops

The best and most traditional place to purchase a handicraft is the FONART Store (National Foundation for Fostering Handicrafts) located next to the San Agustin Temple, in the heart of the historic center. The building is located in a picturesque setting formed by the surrounding colonial streets and churches. It was specifically created to showcase the best local and national handicrafts for visitors.

La Casa del Artesano
(The House of the Craftsman)

San Luis Potosi shopping

La Casa del Artesano (The House of the Craftsman) is located only a few blocks from the main square, close to the famous monument "Caja de Agua". This fascinating place offers items made by artisans from different states throughout Mexico. The house is divided into different sections, with each division reflecting the culture of a particular region. Shop and learn a thing or two about Mexican traditions while you're at it.

Plaza Sendero

San Luis Potosi shops

This is one of the main commercial centers in San Luis Potosi and offers a wide variety of stores where clothes, shoes, leather goods and fine jewelry can all be bought.  In addition to merchandise, Plaza Sendero has a movie theater showing all the latest films and even a merry-go-round for the kids.

Plaza Tangamanga

San Luis Potosi shopping

This modern mall has a wide variety of boutiques, designer stores, fast food restaurants, a movie theatre and a video arcade for children. It's a very popular place with locals searching for some weekend entertainment.

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