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Nightlife in San Luis Potosi, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

San Luis Potosi Nightlife

In a modern capital city like San Luis Potosi, nightlife usually stands out. The city has a wide variety of places where you can dance several music styles, from Latin rhythms to the newest hits and the latest electronic beats; but if you are the kind of person who prefers a delicious, steamy cup of coffee, at downtown you will find some options, where you can listen to bohemian guitar players who will help you to remember some old experiences or to talk about the daily events. The variety consists of the different music genres for all tastes, suitable for all kinds of budgets.

The most sought places are those where you can drink some beverages with your friends, chat and meet new friends. The live music ranges from bohemian to rock, and the ambiance extends from the most romantic to the most exclusive ones.

San Luis Potosi nights are a lot of fun; the local people add that special touch which makes them last as longer as much you wish. Discover and enjoy the nightlife in San Luis Potosi.

Avenida Venustiano Carranza

Bars and Lounges in San Luis PotosiSan Luis Potosi's trendiest bars and lounges are located on the very fashionable Venustiano Carranza Avenue, stretching from its intersection with Uresti Street all the way to the exclusive neighborhood of Lomas de San Luis. Along the length of this avenue, block after block, you'll find places such as sports bars, lounges, karaoke bars, and very chic, fashionable clubs.

San Luis Potosi NightlifeEvery weekend, the electro clubs get packed full of 20 and 30-somethings, who are out looking for fun, DJ music, and a place to show off their ultra-fashionable clothes. In the San Luis Potosi nightclubs located on Avenida Carranza you will always find interesting people and a very cool atmosphere.

Bars in Downtown

Cantina San Luis PotosiIn the downtown area of San Luis Potosi, you'll find the main stores, restaurants, attractions and also plenty of bars and traditional cantinas. If you like cocktails, then you must acquaint yourself with the word "precopeo", which means "pre-party drinks". It is undoubtedly a very common and useful expression for all the clubbers and partygoers visiting the town. On the streets of the historic center there are lots of places where you can start a fun evening, such as the long-established bars, cozy taverns and those called "botaneros" where you can eat and drink your fill all for only a few bucks. In the bars located in downtown San Luis Potosi, you'll hear the word "precopeo" everyday, but especially so on weekends.

The young executives and college kids meet in the classic cantinas from the 1900s that are still decorated with their original furniture. Although, there are also newer additions as well, such as the renowned "La Cantina" bar, with its vintage pictures of famous Mexican actors and singers, including Pedro Infante and Cantinflas. Here, La Hora del Amigo (Happy Hour) makes a great beginning to what's sure to be an incredible night.

Nightclubs at Lomas and Tangamanga

Nightclub San Luis PotosiOn your next trip to San Luis Potosi, along with discovering the extraordinary daytime attractions you must also sample the intense nightlife. Get ready to party hard at the very cool clubs located in the upscale areas of Lomas de San Luis and Av. Chapultepec. Dance the night away in these chic establishments equipped with cutting-edge technology, extraordinary acoustics, incredible light shows and the hottest dance music.

Loosen up with a few drinks and let your inner dancer out as you get down to the DJ's cool tunes. Mix with the local socialites and tear up the dance floor in these contemporary nightclubs in San Luis Potosi.

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