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San Luis Potosi is a historic place, where time has left its mark in the different architectural styles: from the neoclassic to the Baroque and the churrigueresco in the buildings and monuments of its Historic Center. When staying in this beautiful city you will have the chance to admire its high cultural level in the art exhibited in its ubiquitous museums as well as other great artistic activities found around town. Thanks to the wonderful weather you can enjoy these attractions in open air settings.


San Luis Potosi vacationsThe city of San Luis Potosi was founded in 1592. It received the name of "Luis" in honor of the king of France, and "Potosi" due to the physical similarity of San Pedro's hill to the famous mines in Potosi, Bolivia. Thanks to the richness of the mines near San Pedro's hill, San Luis Potosi turned very quickly into a rich and important city of the New Spain. During the Viceroyalty, mining was the most important economic activity of the11 New Spain and it was a decisive fact for the beginning of the11 human settlement in the11 nearby zones.

San Luis Potosi is located approximately just 4 hours from Mexico City. It is the capital of the state with the same name, and it is the most prosperous region of the state. San Luis Potosi is also known as "the city of the two hours", since it is located just a two-hour away drive from San Miguel de Allende, Aguascalientes, Zacatecas and many other important cities of the center of the country. It is a modern city that still keeps its colonial and ancient characteristics.

San Luis Potosi colonial city MexicoThe colonial city of San Luis Potosi offers excellent cuisine and culture, as well as lots of fun. It is worth paying special attention to this wonderful city that offers to the traveler a quality of tourism as good as any other part of the world. It offers wonderful quaint gardens and plazas that invite you to rest and contemplate a place where traditions and customs are never forgotten.


Economy and Infrastructure

San Luis Potosi business tripsIn San Luis Potosi, the capital city, the 36% of the total of the population of the state is found. This city has all the necessary services an important city should have such as airport, hotels in all categories, an industrial zone, and public and private universities and hospitals, among many other services.

Due to its excellent geographic location and its easy access, San Luis Potosi offers the business traveler great investment and commerce opportunities, expanding the presence of its products and services to countries of North and Latin America. San Luis Potosi offers an excellent access to Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara, as well as an easy connection to the main ports of Tampico and Veracruz on the Gulf side, and Mazatlan and Manzanillo on the Pacific Ocean side. If you are interested in doing business with border cities such as Brownsville, McAllen and Laredo, San Luis Potosi is the best option for a quick and efficient negotiation.

San Luis Potosi, MexicoThe agricultural and cattle industries have a great support in this region; the manufacturing sector enjoys a large pool of employees, even though San Luis Potosi is one hundred percent a mining- oriented city. Nowadays the extraction of copper, lead, silver and gold, is the main economic activity of the zone.

This city has modern urban centers with all kinds of services offered to business groups who visit us from other states or countries. Its business sectors have been gradually modernized thanks to the effort and dedication of its people. Therefore, San Luis Potosi's economy -both the city and the state- is more competitive, earning a place in the world of the commercial globalization.


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