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Shopping in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

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San Miguel de Allende is one of the most looked-for tourist destinations in the entire world. It is known for its beautiful pieces of art made of brass, paper mache, wool, blown glass, carved rock and ceramic. San Miguel is often compared to a large market where you can find valuable pieces of art, lovely furniture, mirrors, candelabras, wrought iron items, wax figurines from Salamanca, wall tiling from Guanajuato and Talavera Ceramic from Dolores Hidalgo.

san miguelThis city was an important center of commerce in colonial times, due to the route of silver from the mines of Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi and Zacatecas to the City of Mexico. Because of the high quality of the products, most are exported to Europe and the US.

In the neighboring zone, known as La Presa, you can find household objects, tin pieces, furniture and even figurines carved out of mesquite wood. Every year, in the second half of November, the Fair of Wool and Brass is held to promote the handicrafts of the local artisans.

A trip through this great bazaar, which includes art galleries, markets and stores, is also a trip through the rich Mexican culture and history.

Handicrafts Market

san miguelIn this traditional handicrafts market, you can find a large variety of typical regional products for souvenirs, everything from the beautiful pieces of silver, Talavera ceramic decorations, paper mache and wrought iron items. The market is located in the downtown area, with several access points, off Loreto Street, the famous clock or Hidalgo Street.

La Antigua Casa Canela

san miguel de allendeLa Antigua Casa Canela is located on Umaran Street and it is very famous for its exclusive decorative designs, furniture, beautiful fountains and everyday housewares. You will be surprised by the beauty of the decorative objects, pieces of art and antiques that can be found in this prestigious locale in San Miguel.

El Guajuye

san miguelEl Guajuye is the first company of blown glass in the central region of Mexico. To keep this tradition alive, they've perfected the technique, making it the finest factory of blown glass in the country. They also export to the US, Europe and Oceania.


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In this exclusive locale, Lucinda Johnson designs and commercializes exclusive hand-painted ceramics and tiles. In Anima, you can find more than 80 models of hand painted mosaic and relief, all of exclusive design and beautiful.

Art Galleries

san miguelIn San Miguel de Allende, there are a number of art galleries where artists exhibit and sell their work, making this a unique opportunity to get an original high quality piece of art from Mexican artists.

In the Carlos Muro Gallery, there are photographs, paintings, handmade copper art and beautiful sculptures. If you visit the Christina Sol Gallery, in the hills of San Miguel, you will find this artist's best work and maybe the chance to see the work in progress.

La Bottega Di Casa

san miguelBased on the techniques that were born in Italy, in this shop you can find the best appliance designs, created by true Mexican artists, for home use. From bed linen to linen tablecloths, there is an exclusive variety of cloth from Europe and the US as well as a wide selection of cloth for upholstery.

Kelli Brown Jewelry

san miguelIn Kelli Brown Jewelry, admire the world-class jewelry design in gold and silver, incorporating precious and semi-precious gems and creating a unique piece of art. The service is so exclusive that if you decide to go, a chauffeur will pick you up and take you to the store, located in an old Mexican hacienda.

San Miguel Shoe

San Miguel Shoe

There are several branches of this store in the city of San Miguel as well as other boutiques that carry this brand. The designs of the shoes are very particular to this establishment and if you get the chance, visit Martha's branch, where you can meet Martha herself, creator of the brand and a woman who believes in dressing well, from the feet up. 


DivaIn this fabulous store, you can find exclusive designs especially for today's woman, made from the finest European textiles. You can also obtain delicate accessories and handmade shawls. The storefront window has an original touch to it and displays creative pieces of jewelry.

Plaza La Luciernaga

This is one of San Miguel de Allende's few malls, an elegant little outdoor mall where you can find coffee shops, fast food restaurants, a supermarket, a movie theater and clothing shops. Shop for everything you need in one place!

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