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Restaurants in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

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In San Miguel de Allende, the cuisine is extremely varied and rich. It incorporates the cuisine of its neighboring states like Queretaro, Jalisco, Michoacan and San Luis Potosi. Given its geographic situation, this zone is ideal for organic vegetable cultivation (artichokes, asparagus and broccoli) and it is well-known for its dairy production.

san miguelVery traditional in these lands is the "Fiambre estilo San Miguel" (San Miguel style cold cuts). It consists of beef, chicken, pork, fruits, vegetables, oil and vinegar. The "Enchiladas Mineras" (Miner's Enchiladas) is another regional dish that cannot be missed. For dessert, nothing is better than some delicious "tumbagones", a traditional fried sweet that is normally served with coffee. There are also strawberries with cream from nearby Irapuato as well as cajeta (Mexican Butterscotch) from Celaya, charamuscas (a hard, caramel candy that is yellow in color and is sold in a variety of forms; in San Miguel de Allende, it is usually sold as mummy figurines), piloncillos quemados (caramelized brown sugar sweets), jamoncillo (sweet made of finely ground seeds such as pumpkin, pine nuts and peanuts mixed with milk and sugar), alegrias (sweetened and popped amaranth seeds) and cocadas (a grated coconut sweet, made with egg, sugar, milk and sometimes with pineapple).

There is a special charm that surrounds the restaurants of San Miguel for most of them are old colonial-style houses with beautiful patios, fountains and bugambilias. We invite you to live an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


This restaurant is a pioneer of its kind, when talking about San Miguel de Allende's dining options. The menu consists of a fusion of several influences. They feature a wide variety of low-fat ingredients, organic vegetables and low-calorie desserts. The minimalist decoration will provide you with the ideal environment to quietly enjoy your meal, in a lounge-style atmosphere.


Restaurants in San Miguel de AllendeLocated only one block away from the main plaza in an 18th century house, this restaurant is an excellent place to enjoy an extraordinary lunch or dinner in its beautiful sitting room with elegant chandeliers and incredible patio. This is the only organic Italian restaurant in San Miguel de Allende, offering exquisite homemade pizzas, prepared in a wood-burning oven, and specialties that will leave you craving for more.

Bella Italia

Bella ItaliaEnjoy exquisite Italian cuisine at this exclusive and renowned restaurant in San Miguel de Allende, with excellent service and assorted drinks.
We have a selected variety of wines and brandy for enjoying a bohemian night with friends.

Berlin Bar and Cafe

Berlin Bar and CafeCome and enjoy an exquisite candlelight dinner or a glass of wine, accompanied by the soft music playing in the background at this wonderful restaurant-bar. Berlin Bar and Cafe is run by a German couple who offer a sophisticated menu full of delicious international dishes and German specialties. The restaurant also features many beautiful, modern works of art created by cosmopolitan artists, making this the perfect place for people who wish to spend a lovely evening chatting with one another in an atmosphere that is both cultured and relaxed.


BugambiliaBugambilia restaurant is a traditional place for the people of San Miguel, the distinctive dish is the famous "chiles en nogada" (stuffed breaded chilies topped with a white sauce). The recipe for this delicious dish has been passed down the generations and now it's in the hands of the current owners, who have added their own touch. They have received several prizes for winning regional and international cooking contests. A great variety of Mexican specialties are offered here. If you like fine cuisine, then this is the place you have been looking for.

Cafe Montenegro

This is a traditional spot in San Miguel de Allende where you can try delicious regional dishes at lunch time as well as exquisite coffee.

Casa Payo

Restaurants in San Miguel de AllendeCasa Payo offers Argentinean tradition of generously served charcoal broiled steaks. The BBQ rib, the parrillada, empanadas and chicken Cesar are excellent. The main stairs open out onto a large spectacular patio where you can find live music while dining. Everything comes together to make your visit to this restaurant a time to remember.


Chamonix is a pleasant experience for your senses. Located just a few steps from the heart of San Miguel, its main objective is to offer excellent service and an exceptional international cuisine to make your visit an experience to remember.

Chocolates y Churros San Agustin

san miguelThis was the first churreria ("churros" are fried dough sticks, sugared or filled with sweet fillings) in the city. It's housed in an 18th century mansion on the main street. Enjoy a delicious hot chocolate, churros, Tampiquena-style meat dish (lime-marinated meat which is then cooked and served with beans, guacamole and tortillas) and Argentinean turnovers. The restaurant is owned by famous Mexican actress by the name of Margarita Gralia.

El Correo

Restaurants in San Miguel de AllendeLocated just a block away from the main plaza, El Correo is a truly Mexican experience when it comes to homemade comfort food. With 18 years of experience, it's a well-known gathering spot for locals and tourists looking for authentic Mexican food and a cheerful atmosphere. El Correo has a wide variety of specialties made with the freshest ingredients. Chiles en Nogada, red mole, Tortilla soup and Corundas are a few good examples of its cuisine.

El Pegaso

El Pegaso Restaurante in San Miguel de AllendeIn a casual and entertaining atmosphere, with competitive prices, El Pegaso is excellent for international food. Appreciate a good cup of coffee and a raspberry cheesecake, both house specialties.


El Petit Four

El Petit FourEnjoy the most exquisite desserts in El Petit Four. Accompany your dessert with a cappuccino or an espresso. It also features bar service, with a great variety of wine, beer and liqueur.

El Rincon Espanol

This restaurant is located in an 18th century colonial building. The menu is made up of Spanish-Mexican cuisine and also offers Chinese food and a sushi bar area. In the Rifle Saloon, they serve fusion food. This restaurant serves paella as well as a hundred other dishes, everyday.

Harry's New Orleans Cafe and Oyster Bar

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This is an excellent atmosphere that harkens back to the jazz of the bohemian streets of New Orleans. Try the Cajun-Creole cuisine that is excellently prepared, where you can have a good time.

La Coronela

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La Coronela is a traditional cantina in San Miguel that harkens back to the Golden Years of Mexican cinematography. It has a well-stocked bar and a jukebox.

La Finestra

La FinestraTry Mexican and fusion fine dining in this charming restaurant that has a warm atmosphere, where you can enjoy delicious breakfasts, desserts and coffee.


La Fragua

La Fragua is one of the oldest names among restaurants and bars in San Miguel de Allende. It's also a place where people gather to enjoy music, generously served food and drinks and have lots of fun. Located just a few steps away from the main plaza, La Fragua's doors open out onto a beautiful colonial patio, where you can enjoy superb contemporary Mexican and international meals.

La Princesa

La Princesa's menu consists of Mexican and international specialties, mixing the best of many cultures. At night, enjoy live music and on the weekends, a great ambiance for dancing. There is WI-FI (free of charge), a pool table and comfortable areas to read or relax while you admire the extraordinary architecture of this 450 year-old colonial building. Ask the waiter to tell you about the mysterious legends that surround the place.

La Toscana

Restaurants in San Miguel de AllendeThis is an intimate restaurant for Mediterranean food, with special emphasis on the Toscana region. Enjoy salads, soups and pastas. There is a bar with a wide selection of wines to enjoy with your meals. The owner, the Mexican actor Otto Sirgo, will be happy to have you as a guest.

Mama Mia

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This well-known restaurant in San Miguel specializes in Italian fine cuisine. Enjoy a variety of dishes from the Italian peninsula, like pizza. It has three distinct areas: Mama's Bar, Leonardo's Bar and La Terraza Bar.


Nirvana is an exclusive restaurant located in a lush, chic setting, just minutes from San Miguel de Allende. With unique architecture that blends with the beautiful scenery, the restaurant serves innovative dishes that seamlessly incorporate local and traditional ingredients to create a myriad of aromas, flavors and colors. To ensure quality and freshness, the food prepared at Nirvana comes from the restaurant's own organic farm. Two ingredients are common to all menu items: creativity and love.

El Tomato

Restaurants in San Miguel de AllendeEl Tomato is a health food restaurant located in San Miguel de Allende. The owner is a very original chef, who is convinced that you don't have to be a vegetarian to eat vegetables. His unique approach to healthy cuisine has intrigued customers from around the globe. El Tomato, which serves Italian, Argentinean and even Canadian influenced cuisine, is a place where natural ingredients with no additives and no preservatives, are the main attraction. The restaurant offers the perfect balance of high quality products and delicious cuisine. Although the menu is predominantly vegetarian there are also some meat dishes, such as turkey breast, tuna and white fish.

Wine Styles

Even though it isn't properly a restaurant, this locale is worth mentioning for its excellent wine selection that comes from renowned vineyards from around the world. Visit this store, located in the center of San Miguel and take home a wine of your preference.

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