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San Miguel de Allende is famous for its intense artistic and cultural life, as well as its architecture, much of which was inherited from pre-Hispanic culture. There are amazing landscapes of mountains, gullies, valleys and footpaths, which will leave you fascinated.

In this special area of the Mexican Republic, you will be surprised by the variety of music, fashion and movie festivals as well religious festivities. Its gastronomy is rich in flavors and is made based on fusion cuisine recipes, combining dishes from nearby cities. Traditional Mexican cuisine is, however, always at the base and you can try these dishes in small cafes or in restored colonial buildings.


san miguel allendeSan Miguel de Allende is located in the western part of the state of Guanajuato, about 37 miles from the state capital of Queretaro, 58 miles from Guanajuato and 25 miles from Dolores Hidalgo. In a semi-desertlike area, the hot climate dominates in the region and it is ideal for a stroll through the streets or for a coffee on the colonial patio of some of the downtown restaurants.

The undeniable attraction of this city is its architecture, where 18th century constructions predominate, a fusion of diverse styles.

Parroquia de San Miguel de ArcángelThe Parish of Saint Michael Archangel is the symbol of the city. Restored in 1880, the paintings are well-preserved neoclassical pieces. La Casa del Mayorazgo de la Canal mixes French Baroque and Italian Renaissance and was built at the end of the 18th century by Manuel Tomas de la Canal. The Temple of San Francisco is considered an excellent example of Spanish Baroque here in Mexico. The Oratorio de San Felipe Neri, the Temple of the Immaculate Conception or the Historic Museum of Casa de Allende are all of great historical value in San Miguel.

A Little Bit of History

san miguel allendeTo protect travelers from the constant Chichimecan Nomad attacks, transit from Zacatecas to the then capital of New Spain (what is now Mexico City) was precarious. San Miguel de Allende was founded as a safe haven to protect people from these attacks. In 1542, Brother Juan de San Miguel formed a small town by the name of Itzcuinapan, where the patron saint is Saint Michael, the Archangel

In 1826, the State Congress gave the rank of city to this town, giving it the name of San Miguel de Allende, in honor of Ignacio Allende, commander of National Independence.

san miguel allende


To walk along the cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende is a privilege that you shouldn't miss. Each corner holds a piece of history that recalls the colonial period, as if time had stopped in this lovely place.

Art and Traditions

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The traditions occupy an important place in San Miguel de Allende. A good part of the year is devoted to filling the streets with colorful celebrations which include music, dance, parades and even fireworks.



san miguel de allendeSome of the more popular festivities are the Celtic Week Parade and St. Patrick's Day, which are celebrated before the arrival of spring. The saint day of San Antonio de Padua is on June 13, while the Chamber Music Festival brings famous musicians from all over world.For those bullfight aficionados, there is the traditional "SanMiguelada", which is San Miguel's own running of the bulls, inspired by Pamplona.

san miguel allendeSan Miguel de Allende celebrates its saint day on September 29. On this day, the city is decorated with flags and garlands of spectacular color to commemorate the most important festivity of the year.

You can also obtain beautifully elaborated handicrafts made of wood, tin, brass, paper mache and blown glass. These, along with antiques, are very sought-after items for their design, beauty and artistic craft.

Community of Foreigners

San Miguel de Allende breathes a cosmopolitan air due to the influx of people from all over the world that have come to live here. The climate is warm during the whole year and its thermal waters and the beauty of its architecture has made a great community of foreigners in the city.

English MassA good part of the population of San Miguel de Allende is foreign, largely of American or Canadian origin. Many have chosen to retire here, taking advantage of free time and the tourist industry to start businesses, benefiting the community of San Miguel on the whole


Parroquia de San Miguel ArcángelSumming it all up, San Miguel de Allende is a magical town that is rich in culture and traditions, a city where many foreigners have called "home". It is a place that is waiting to receive you with its hospitality and an endless number of attractions. Come and see for yourself!

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