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Welcome to San Martin de los Andes, Argentina

San Martin de los Andes is where all Argentineans dream of retiring to. So it isn't without reason that this heavenly site, located in the mountains of the Andes in Argentina and surrounded by forests and lakes, is such a sought-after place. It is surrounded by landscapes that are simply breathtaking. Depending on the time of your visit, San Martin de los Andes is a place with an excellent gamma of tourist activities for the whole family.

Welcome to San Martin de los Andes, Argentina

Summer brings with it a series of sports that are best for those adventurers in search of the ultimate thrill: trekking, kayaking, mountain bike riding, rock climbing, rafting, zip-lining, paragliding, hunting and fishing.

There are many water activities that you can do on Lake Lacar as well as taking part in other eco-tourist attractions.The winter is just as exciting and filled with action because you go all sorts of activities that have everything to do with mountains and winter: mountain climbing, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding and riding over the snow in a snowmobile or a sled. San Martin de los Andes has an excellent and very famous winter center called Chapelco.

Due to the number of tourist activities, the beautiful mountain landscapes and its infrastructure, the small town of San Martin de los Andes is the number one tourist destination in the Neuquen Province and one of the most important in all of Argentina. Visit this enchanting place where nature is the main attraction.


Welcome to San Martin de los Andes, Argentina

The beautiful and tiny community of San Martin de los Andes (approximately 30,000 inhabitants) is located on the Argentinean side of the Andes, on the shores of Lake Lacar. It is located some 2,100 feet above sea level in the province of Neuquen in the mystical Patagonias. It was founded in 1898 on Mapuche territory, some 25 miles to the southeast of Fort Junin during the Conquest of the Desert, fought against the Mapuches.

The downtown area of San Martin de los Andes is a beautiful place, looking a lot like a smaller version of a town in Switzerland. All the buildings feature architecture that include materials like wood, brick and corrugated roofs. The government has established the strict norms regulating the construction of a building in the city, maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the skyline.

During the winter, the weather is warm to cold, with frequent snowfall. The summers are hot, sunny with breezy nights.

A Tourist Paradise

Welcome to Salta, Argentina

Due to the contrasting seasons and the geographic characteristics, San Martin de los Andes has different and varied attractions to offer the visitor. Enjoy everything about its enchanting downtown area and its unique architecture (incorporating regional materials in its construction), its beautiful manicured gardens and its historic buildings. The succulent cuisine includes traditional "parrilladas" (barbecues), pate, smoked meat, cheese from the region, lamb and roast goat. The multicolored and mountainous landscapes with starry skies, dozens of outdoor activities and even a great nightlife for those who don't like to sleep early. The hotel options go from very simple and picturesque cabins to luxurious five star hotels.

How to Get There

Salta, Argentina

San Martin de los Andes is located a little less than an hour away by highway from the Chilean border and is about 932 miles from Buenos Aires. You can get to this paradise by plane or by car. The tiny Aeropuerto Aviador Carlos Campos, better known as the Chapelco Airport, has only national flights, with flights from Buenos Aires being about two hours long. The highways are a great way to travel to San Martin de los Andes because of the network of national and regional roads, whether it be by car or by bus.

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