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Shopping in San Jose, Costa Rica: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose is a great place for shopping, offering a wide variety of unique regional items for the perfect souvenir of your vacation. The natural surroundings of Costa Rica are absolutely beautiful, and the country's artisanry is no different. Located in downtown San Jose, the Mercado Central and La Casona are the ideal spots for shopping and buying a beautiful piece of artisanry or a souvenir from this unforgettable city.

Scattered throughout San Jose, you can also find modern shopping centers, like Mall San Pedro, Plaza del Sol, Terra Mall, Plaza Mayor, Plaza Colonial, Multiplaza and Mall Real Cariari, offering all kinds of items like clothing, accessories, music, electronics, sports gear, decor and much more.

Arts and Crafts

Shopping in San Jose, Costa Rica

San Jose's culture offers beautiful replicas of pre-Colombian art, indigenous pottery, brightly-colored paintings on banana paper, jewelry, masks, painted miniature carts, elaborate wood carvings, coffee roots, gold, clay, enameled iron cookware and more, all meticulously created by skilled local artisans. These are just a few of the country's best pieces of art, which can be found in different galleries and shops throughout downtown San Jose.



Local Products

Shopping in San Jose, Costa Rica

Popular local products include coffee and chocolate, as well as creams and liqueurs made from sugar cane. These items are worth shopping for due to their excellent quality and price, making them the perfect gift or souvenir of your visit to San Jose.





Shopping in San Jose, Costa Rica

Guaro is a unique liquor made from pure sugar cane, and it's the most consumed distilled drink in Costa Rica. This drink has a neutral flavor that can be drank straight, or mixed with fruit juice or soda. There are many brands of guaro, and the country's most prestigious brand is El Cacique.





Shopping in San Jose, Costa Rica

Considered some of the best coffee in the world, Costa Rica's coffee is probably the most representative product of this country. In addition to its excellent quality, local coffee is sold at an accessible price compared to similar coffee in other countries. Cafe Britt coffee is considered the best, and consequently the most expensive. You can find Cafe Britt coffee in local shops and at the airport, although supermarkets typically offer the best prices.

The Cafe Britt company offers tours of its coffee plantations, where you can learn all about cultivation and even commercialization. Try the different varieties of gourmet coffee, and buy its products at factory prices. These plantations are a paradise for coffee lovers, selling different varieties of coffee grounds, as well as dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, cookies, Macadamia nuts, cashews, and tropical fruits covered in chocolate.

Throughout San Jose, you'll also find many other quality coffee brands at excellent prices, such as Cafe Milagro and Cafe Monteverde.

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