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Restaurants in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Dining in San Cristobal

Every area of Chiapas has a distinct personality and its own flavors and aromas that distinguish it from the rest and San Cristobal is no exception. It is a romantic and traditional city with a strong colonial influence, and an irresistible blend of morning fog mixed with the aroma of delicious fresh coffee.

The cuisine in this region is a blend of different indigenous and Spanish influences, resulting in authentic, flavorful fare. The most popular dishes are the saffron tamales, bread and chipilin (a legume soup), and chalupas coletas (similar to tostadas). Due to San Cristobal's unique beauty, it is visited by tourists from all over the world hence you can also find international cuisine, such as French, Italian, Thai, Indian, and Chinese.

You must try the typical beverages of the region as well, such as 'atole de granillo', which is a thick hot beverage prepared with corn flour and 'posh' and considered a spiritual drink by the Indians. Dining in San Cristobal de las Casas will definitely be a sublime experience that will heighten your senses.


San Cristobal de las Casas RestaurantsThe menu of this restaurant is as universal as the origins of the tower from which it takes its name and its ambiance is as cozy and welcoming as the city of San Cristobal de las Casas itself. These reasons make Babel an excellent choice for dining as well as having interesting conversations with friendly people (both locals and visitors alike) in this beautiful colonial city. Try enticing dishes from all over the world and choose from the tart flavors of the Middle East to the thick and juicy richness of Argentinean steaks. Practice your skills with the fork rolling delicious Italian spaghetti or keep your body in shape with nourishing, no-remorse salads that will keep your belly very happy.

Jardines de San Cristobal

San Cristobal RestaurantsThis restaurant is located on the road to San Juan Chamula and Zinacantan. It features the perfect blend of elegance and fine cuisine mixed with the architecture of a colonial hacienda with airy terraces and gardens. Savor the freshly baked European bread along with a bowl of the house cream of corn soup. Then, try the mouth-watering juicy barbecued steak garnished with steamed vegetables and hot pepper sauce and to complete this culinary experience, try any of their delicious desserts.

Balam Steak House and Bar

San Cristobal RestaurantsAmong the many dining options available in the historic downtown area of San Cristobal de las Casas, Balam Steak House and Bar is definitely worth mentioning. The extensive menu at this wonderfully located restaurant, features juicy Angus steaks and a variety of gourmet cuisine. It's a great spot for lunch or dinner, while you are out exploring the beautiful downtown streets and landmarks of the city. Renowned locally for its vibrant ambiance and friendly service, Balam Steak House and Bar has outdoor seating, from where you can enjoy views of gorgeous colonial buildings and watch the world go by while you dine.


La Paloma

This restaurant can be found on the main tourist walkway, 50 meters from the main park, in what used to be the house of the founder of the city, Don Diego de Mazariegos. With 25 years of culinary experience in gourmet fare, there are a variety of dishes like squash flower with cheese mousse in a corn smut sauce or plantain banana soup.

Plaza Real Restaurant

This wonderful restaurant is located at the Plaza Real hotel, in the heart of San Cristobal. Enjoy fine dining in the courtyard of a restored hacienda which used to be the headquarters of the Congress of Chiapas, in the 19th century. It features Mexican and Italian cuisine as well as scrumptious desserts and fine beverages.


Dining in San CristobalAt Miura every little detail has been carefully refined to provide an unforgettable experience. They serve high quality steaks accompanied by fine wines and the decor is themed around the Spanish and Mexican tradition of bullfighting. The atmosphere is lively, yet refined and the view of the main square is simply spectacular.

Los Barrios

San Cristobal RestaurantsThis sophisticated restaurant serves Mexican and international gourmet cuisine with some of the most distinct flavors and aromas available. The house specialty is chipilin soup, an excellent example of traditional Chiapanecan cuisine. Enjoy a romantic evening and fine service at this charming restaurant.

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