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Restaurants in San Antonio Texas, USA: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

San Antonio has literally hundreds of restaurants and eateries offering dishes from around the world. In San Antonio it is possible to find restaurants for every budget, from small quaint places with home-style favorites to upscale fine dining establishments.

In San Antonio, like the rest of Texas, portions are usually very generous, normally including plenty of side dishes. The southern region of the US has an abundance of cattle and here huge steaks are a staple, but there are also great vegetarian restaurants, with many of them serving certified organic produce.

After visiting the Alamo, don't miss out on having a lunch, a dinner or simply enjoying a cup of coffee and an ice cream beside the beautiful River Walk. Whatever your tastes and budget are, during your vacations in San Antonio you will find surprisingly delicious options, always accompanied by the attentive, friendly service of a city that caters to more than 25 million visitors each year.


Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

From a cozy patio on the River Walk to a sophisticated restaurant with prestigious European sommeliers, these establishments are ideal for a delicious lunch or a romantic dinner with your significant other. Each of these eateries includes eye catching dishes as well as an inviting atmosphere ideal for a relaxing conversation. With stunning views, attention to detail, an idyllic setting, and excellent wine lists, these restaurants all feature a special something that is sure to turn your dinner into a very memorable experience.

  • Stone Werks Cafe & Bar
  • Chart House – Tower of the Americas
  • Candlelight Coffeehouse & Wine Bar
  • Biga Riverwalk
  • Le Reve
  • Scenic Loop Cafe
  • The Lodge Restaurant of Castle Hills
  • Boardwalk Bistro
  • Silo
  • Jim Cullum's Landing


Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

The are many family friendly restaurants in San Antonio offering excellent dining options for the entire family, including those traveling with small children. With children in mind, many of these establishments feature outdoor playgrounds, special menus for kids, live entertainment, or themes. In some of them the wait staff are dressed as famous movie characters, while in others they will bend over backwards to make your children laugh. Places to eat ice cream, cakes, desserts and others kids' favorites are here in abundance. Share a fantastic time with your family in San Antonio.

  • Amy's Ice Cream
  • La Hacienda de Los Barrios
  • Magic Time Machine Restaurant
  • MoMak's Backyard
  • El Mirador
  • Longhorn Cafe
  • Rainforest Cafe
  • Black Eyed Pea Restaurant
  • Luby's
  • Blanco Cafe
  • The Cove


Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

American cuisine is characterized by its succulent meats, generous portions, an abundance of side dishes and delicious fast food. Hamburgers, French fries and sandwiches can always be found in the American restaurants of San Antonio, as well as milkshakes, salads and even seafood. Most of them are casual, affordable eateries, but the styles range from 24-hour breakfast spots to sophisticated restaurants with superb wine lists.

  • Guenther House
  • Chris Madrid's
  • Republic of Texas Restaurant, Inc.
  • W.D. Deli
  • Apple Annie's Tea Room & Bakery
  • Big'z Burgerjoint
  • Cappy's
  • Earl Abel's Restaurant
  • Fatso's Sports Garden
  • Josephine Street Cafe
  • Madhatters Tea House & Cafe
  • Magnolia Pancake Haus


Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

The Asian restaurants in San Antonio are so varied, with such enticing cuisine that you'll want to try them all during your vacations in San Antonio. You will find all the traditional, classic Asian dishes as well as contemporary and fusion cuisine. As you would expect, Chinese and Japanese food are the most predominant, but you can find Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian dishes as well. Get ready to discover a wide range of exotic, zesty dishes at the Asian restaurants in San Antonio!

  • Godai Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant
  • Mon's Thai Bistro
  • Sawasdee Thai Cuisine
  • Tong's Thai Restaurant
  • Yokonyu Sushi Bar and Restaurant
  • Taipei China Bistro
  • Fujiya Japanese Garden and Sushi Bar
  • Sushi Zushi
  • Van's Chinese Seafood Restaurant
  • Golden Wok Chinese Restaurants
  • Go Dai Sushi Bar & Restaurant
  • Sushihana Japanese Restaurant


Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

French cuisine, considered one of the finest, most sophisticated in the world, can be enjoyed in San Antonio's excellent French restaurants. Many allow you to revel in the authentic flavors of France just steps away from your hotel, in prestigious European-esque settings. Choose from a casual outdoor patio, a fancy restaurant or a romantic bistro for dinner. Of course, most of these eateries will offer splendid French wines and Champagne. Award-winning menus and renowned chefs await you at some of the best places to eat in San Antonio!

  • Bistro Vatel
  • Brasserie Pavil
  • Coco Chocolate Lounge & Bistro
  • Frederick's French Fusion Cuisine
  • Le Reve
  • Soleil Bistro & Wine Bar
  • Fig Tree Restaurant
  • Crumpets
  • La Frite Belgian Bistro
  • Meson European Dining


Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

The Italian restaurants in San Antonio guarantee an exquisite lunch or dinner, enjoying the flavors of Tuscany and the Mediterranean. They also offer pleasant atmospheres ideal for special occasions. Homemade oven-baked pizzas, extensive wine lists, traditional pastas, made from scratch, and even entertainment or live music are to be expected from these restaurants. Some are small and exclusive with outdoor terraces, while others are right in the heart of the River Walk. Because of their popularity, it is always recommendable to make reservations in advance when visiting the Italian restaurants in San Antonio.

  • Alamo Pizza
  • Aldo's Ristorante Italiano
  • Fralo's Art of Pizza
  • La Focaccia Italian Grill
  • Luciano Ristorante Italiano
  • Michelino's Ristorante Italiano
  • Paesanos RiverWalk
  • Valentino's di Olmos
  • BIN 555 Restaurant & Wine Bar
  • La Scala
  • Trilogy Pizza & Wine Bistro
  • Dolores Del Rio Italian Restaurant

Tex Mex

Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

Tex Mex cuisine is derived from the cultural fusion between Texas and Mexico, as a result of the centuries-old shared history of these countries. Tex Mex cuisine gathers flavors from both regional dishes and Mexican specialties. For that reason, you can find authentic classics like Enchiladas, Chilaquiles or Chalupas, all of Mexican origin, but with a distinct American touch or accompanied with Texas-style cuts of meat. Of course, San Antonio's best Margaritas are to be found in its Tex Mex restaurants. Most of these places are situated in downtown San Antonio, and some are even already part of the city's tourist attractions, because of their unique decor, atmosphere or nightly shows. There are plenty of Tex Mex restaurants in San Antonio, ranging from lively establishments on the River Walk to little-known eateries in secluded areas. Most feature a family friendly environment, and others are great choices for a night out with friends.

  • Acenar
  • Alamo Cafe
  • Aldaco's
  • Cafe Ole
  • Casa Rio
  • Cha-Cha's
  • Don Pedro
  • El Jarro de Arturo
  • Frida's Mexican & Latin Cuisine
  • Iron Cactus
  • La Fogata
  • La Fonda On Main
  • Los Patios
  • Mexican Manhattan
  • Mi Tierra Cafe y Panaderia
  • Original Mexican Restaurant
  • Paloma Blanca
  • Paloma River Walk
  • Rio Mambo
  • Rosario's Mexican Cafe y Cantina
  • Tomatillos Cafe y Cantina


Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

If you want to enjoy exotic, delectable seafood during your vacations in San Antonio, you will find many places in town to pamper your taste buds. Some of the seafood restaurants in San Antonio specialize in a particular style, while others complement their menus with pastas, salads or even steaks and poultry. Many of them have outstanding wine lists. Shrimp and lobster exquisitely prepared with innovative recipes can always be found in the seafood restaurants, which are oftentimes perfect for a romantic dinner. Whatever you're in the mood for, San Antonio offers many options to enjoy fresh seafood and fish at its best!

  • Aldino at the Vineyard
  • Sea Island Shrimp House
  • Water Street Oyster Bar
  • Antlers Lodge
  • Anaqua Grill
  • Caribbean Taste Buds
  • Bourbon Street Seafood Kitchen
  • Water Street Oyster Bar
  • Clear Springs Restaurant
  • J Anthony's Sea Food Cafe


Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

Beautifully prepared succulent steaks are nearly always found at any American restaurant, and San Antonio's famous steakhouses are no exception. They offer exquisite, generous cuts of meat, prepared to your liking and accompanied with your favorite side dishes, ranging from steamed vegetables to French fries. Many of these restaurants also serve seafood, which is oftentimes grilled alongside the meat. Certified Angus Beef, luxurious or casual ambiances, traditional dishes from the southern US and beers from every corner of the world, are just some of what you can expect from San Antonio Steak Houses.

  • Bohanan's Prime Steaks & Seafood
  • Cadillac Bar & Restaurant
  • Kirby's Prime Steakhouse
  • Little Rhein Steak House
  • Ounce Steakhouse
  • Barn Door Restaurant
  • Old San Francisco Steak House
  • Kirby's Steakhouse
  • Coyote Canyon Steak Buffet
  • Roaring Fork

Eclectic & International

Restaurants in San Antonio Texas

The city's eclectic and international restaurants use interesting ingredients and offer little known flavors to those in search of innovative dining experiences, while spending their vacations in San Antonio. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, these eateries offer a setting that can be either informal and fun or stylish and sophisticated, but always with new, contemporary flavors. Many offer fusion cuisine, others serve tapas and some are vegetarian friendly. You can also find seafood, steaks, and exotic seasonings. At a few of these restaurants the atmosphere and entertainment is as astonishing as the food itself. From Puerto Rican to Persian, San Antonio offers all the world's flavors!

  • Azuca Nuevo Latino
  • Carmens De La Calle Cafe
  • La Marginal
  • Sazo's Latin Grill
  • Shiraz Restaurant
  • Texas Farm to Table Cafe
  • Adelante
  • Zuni Grill
  • Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse
  • Pam's Patio Kitchen
  • 20nine Restaurant & Wine Bar

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