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Welcome to San Antonio Texas

San Antonio, geographically located in the heart of Texas, is one of the richest, most colorful cities for culture and history in the United States. With a little more than a million inhabitants and a long history, it is the seventh largest city in the US and Texas' oldest city. San Antonio rounds up the conveniences and services of modern life with an enchanting landscape full of rivers, plazas, churches and other buildings from the Spanish colonial period.


Welcome to San Antonio Texas

San Antonio is a multi-cultural city that reflects a wide variety of influences in its architecture and its cuisine. With an abundant population of Latino descent, San Antonio blends the flavors of Mexican and American cultures in its streets, its restaurants and its overall atmosphere. Known as one of the best cities for offering great family vacations in the United States, San Antonio has a beautiful climate with sunny enough summers to use some sun block lotion. During the spring, it is recommended to carry an umbrella, a sweater or a jacket so that you don't get caught in the rain. Although it doesn't snow in winter, December and January can hover around 40 ºF so it is not a bad idea to travel with warm clothes during those months.

As one of the fastest growing cities in recent times, San Antonio features an extensive range of recreational, cultural and sport facilities and services that cater to locals and to the over 25 million tourists visiting the city annually. Restaurants, boutiques, museums, golf courses and parks can be found in almost every corner of the city.

The Battle of the Alamo

Welcome to San Antonio Texas

Founded in the late 17th century thanks to Franciscan missionaries working in the north of the Americas, San Antonio belonged to the Viceroyalty of New Spain as a part of the Texas territory until the early 19th century. After Mexico achieved its independence from Spain, the Anglo-Americans living in Texas pursued its own independence from Mexico and started a series of battles, among which the most important is precisely the Battle of the Alamo.

This well-known episode in the history of San Antonio took place in 1836, in the Alamo Mission, when some 200 locals repelled the assault of almost 4000 soldiers during a period of 13 days. Although eventually the mission was taken, this heroic defense inspired the inhabitants of Texas to maintain the war that later on would lead to the independence from Mexico.

Fiesta Spirit

Welcome to San Antonio Texas

Perhaps the blend of Latino and Anglo-Saxon cultures in the history of this city is the main reason why it has an always-festive, vibrant atmosphere. In fact, throughout the year there are several celebrations in the city. Especially outstanding is "Fiesta San Antonio", which commemorates the battle of the Alamo. There is also something very remarkable in the Mexican and Puerto Rican patron saint celebrations held here as well.

San Antonio's festive atmosphere can also be perceived in its traditional restaurants, its mariachi bands and its Texano music, as well as in the city's cultural venues, historic neighborhoods and even in its shopping malls, many of them decorated in colorful styles.

Especially famous is River Walk, a magical passage along San Antonio River, which goes through the downtown area in an underground passageway, below the city's avenues and streets. River Walk brings together some of the best restaurants, hotels, galleries and shops in all of San Antonio, being one of its most visited and most lively landmarks.

Its cultural richness has made San Antonio a symbol of the history and culture in Texas, not only for the United States but for the entire continent.

Hotel Options

Welcome to San Antonio Texas

San Antonio boasts countless hotel options, from charming properties located on a riverside to luxurious resorts in the uptown area of Hill Country. The city's skyline is fraught with all kinds of hotels, and it is easy to find both nationwide chain hotels and smaller, more personal properties.

San Antonio, one of America's most charming destinations, represents a truly fantastic choice for family vacations in the United States, while also being a favorite for meeting and event planners. The city offers world-class services and top notch facilities in a warm atmosphere, full of culture and history. Enjoy plenty of artistic events, amazing recreational options and shopping venues, but above all, an authentic hospitable spirit from its inhabitants. Come and discover San Antonio!

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