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Nightlife in Salvador: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Salvador at Night!

The nightlife in Salvador is diverse and exciting, with options for every style and wallet, and a wide variety of diverse music. Although the city has gained fame as the capital of "axe" music, it was also the birthplace of unique bands and festivals showcasing Brazilian alternative rock, and its techno music is considered some of the best in the country.

If you love outdoor parties, make sure to stop by the city's historic downtown neighborhood, known as Pelourinho, and witness shows by the different carnival performers. These performances can be seen throughout the neighborhood's streets, and anyone can participate. In the summer, mainly November through February, there are shows almost every day of the week. In Salvador, you're always sure to find free parties throughout the city streets.

The evening begins early in Salvador, and bars begin to fill up around 8:00 p.m. One great way to start the night is to visit bars located on the Todos Los Santos Bay (All Saints Bay), featuring amazing views. This is a great spot to "fazer o aquecimento", the local term for enjoying some early drinks. Afterwards, make your way to Rio Vermelho, a popular artsy, bohemian hangout filled with bars and "barracas do acaraje" (street stands selling traditional regional foods). Later in the evening, find one of the city's famous parties that last until early morning.

The End of the Night

Start the night in Salvador!

When the night's over, it's time to enjoy a breakfast of delicious local food before heading home. The best locales are the traditional Caminho de Casa (serving delicious regional food and beer), the Mercado do Peixe (Fish Market, serving the coldest beer), Espetos and Crepes (with delicious crepes and Brahma beer), Postudo (offering "bolinhos de bacalhau") and Kombi-Quatro Rodas (selling exquisite "baianas").

Ensaio do Olodum

Enjoy live performances!

Olodum is a local group focusing on African music, originally created for the city's black community. Today, it's one of the most recognized non-governmental organizations in Brazil, and it even has its own internationally recognized music school. The Bencao do Olodum is the group's most famous performance, which you can catch every Tuesday in the Pelourinho neighborhood along with hundreds of other locals and visitors. During this special event, the magic of the music and the colors transform into an amazing show, something you'll never forget.

Cafe Cancun

Dancing in Cafe Cancun, Salvador

Cafe Cancun, situated in the Shopping Aeroclube Plaza Show, is a restaurant that's perfect for lunch, or for after-work drinks and dinner. After 10:00 p.m., it transforms into an exciting nightclub with great DJs playing Brazilian, Caribbean, sertaneja, axe, pop and techno music.

Club Lotus

Experience the music scene at Club Lotus in Salvador!

Club Lotus is a luxurious franchise that originated in New York, situated inside a neoclassic-style building. It has three areas, each with its own unique ambiance, and it's considered to be one of Salvador's best nightclubs thanks to its great music, ranging from house to hip-hop.


Visit Dolce in Salvador

Located within a shopping center in the Itaigara neighborhood, Dolce is inspired by London's best clubs, with a unique retro touch. It's one of the best bars in the city, featuring a modern design that brings together a variety of unique ambiances. Dolce's musical style is eclectic, with great DJs, shows and live music.


Madrre, SalvadorMadrre is a mix of classic and modern, featuring an intriguing and unique decor. It has a stage for live shows with a dance floor, along with a lounge and a special area for group parties. Madrre is famous throughout Salvador for its amazing Brazilian and international DJs, along with its great live shows.

Off Club

Make new friends in Salvador!

Off Club is a nightclub primarily for Salvador's gay locals and tourists, but it's also frequented by many heterosexuals as well. It has four separate areas, three bars, pole dancing, a VIP area, drag shows and go-go dancers.


Visit Borracharia, Salvador

It's hard to believe, but during the day this locale is just a tire shop. At night, it transforms into one of the city's best spots for enjoying techno music with renowned DJs. Borracharia is decked out in sculptures and paintings by local artists.

Club Ego

Clubbing in Club Ego, Salvador

This club is located within a sophisticated hotel, in the charming Rio Vermelho neighborhood. It's Salvador's newest nightclub, featuring jazz, lounge music and techno. Its main attractions, in addition to the great music, are the VIP areas located in the upper part of the bar.

Boteco do Franca

Visit the Boteco do Franca en Salvador

Thanks to its tasty appetizers and its late-night hours, Boteco do Franca is a popular spot for enjoying a drink before a night out.

Bahia Cafe Aflitos

Watch the dusk from the Bahia Cafe Aflitos, Salvador

This bar offers one of the most stunning views in Salvador: looking out over Todos Los Santos Bay. With romantic lighting, it offers a cozy ambiance with diverse music played by well-known DJs and live groups.

The Twist Pub

The Twist Pub, Salvador

This is one of the most popular bars in Salvador. Its ambiance is inspired by the 60s, including a stage and a dance floor. The Twist Pub serves delicious dishes and has a music style that runs between techno and pop rock.

O Cravinho

Cravinho, Salvador

The "cravinho" is a classic drink from the Pelourinho neighborhood, and it's the namesake of this popular bar. O Cravinho is always full of people, decorated with oak kegs holding approximately thirty different kinds of cravinho. Traditional cravinho is served in a plastic cup with a straw, and made with cachaza, honey, lime and cloves.

Bar do Pimentinha

This underground-style bar is located in Boca del Rio and features an eccentric, extravagant atmosphere. It opens only on Mondays because its owner, known as Pimentinha, is devoted to San Lazaro y Omulu, a god from an Afro-Brazilian religion that's worshipped on Mondays. As part of a religious ritual, the owner personally blesses every customer that walks through the door. This bar is a unique experience, really worth visiting.

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