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Nightlife in Saltillo, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Saltillo Nightlife

The nightlife in Saltillo is the ideal complement to a business or leisure trip. Spend unforgettable moments in any of the many bars and nightclubs in town; there really is something for every age and taste. You can find places playing electronic music, country, pop, rock, and corrido norteno (Mexican music from the region). Every weekend party lovers meet at Venustiano Carranza Blvd. to have some fun and enjoy a great selection of premium drinks and excellent service.

Bars and nightclubs in Saltillo are world-class establishments, serving premium drinks, amazing lightshows, and also games. Clubs in Saltillo guarantee a night full of excitement and fun after a long day of work or sightseeing in the city.

Olmo Disco

Saltillo Nightclubs

This bar is located in a two-story building, featuring fantastic music and an excellent atmosphere. Listen to all kinds of musical styles, meet "the raza de Saltillo", what the people of Saltillo call themselves, and spend a wonderful time. Order your favorite drink at either of their two bars, and dance to the night away to rhythms of the live DJ.

Joy Bar

Saltillo Nightlife

This is one of the most popular nightclubs among locals as well as tourists who visit the city. It's located in a two-story building with a wonderful terrace, where you can enjoy the cool breeze, dance and chat with friends under a star-lit sky. Spend the night dancing to rock or pop music played by the live band. It's definitely one of the best places in town.



The Saltillo elite and important executives traveling on business meet at Boss to establish business contacts and close deals with important corporations. It has contemporary decor with an amazing, huge white wall reflecting blue beams that are being projected on to it, across from an enormous glass window with a magnificent view of the boulevard. It has a refined atmosphere with a lot of people drinking martinis at every table while they listen to popular local music.

La Milla

Saltillo Nightclubs

Alan Jackson and Kenny Chesney star at La Milla every night. This country and western bar, with a real "country style", serves the best drinks in town. Cowboy hats, boots, and belts are the dress code of this establishment's clientele.

El Barezzito

Nightclubs in SaltilloEl Barezzito is one of the bars most frequented by the local young people. They hold birthday parties, private parties or any kind of social event here. It's always full of locals listening to lounge music, pop or the local bands who play live here. When you go to El Barezzito, one of the hottest places in Saltillo, don't forget to try their great sushi.

Open House Bar-lounge

Saltillo Nightlife

This is one of the newest clubs in Saltillo. Hundreds of young people gather here every weekend to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. O-H, as the locals call it, has a 600-person capacity and features contemporary lounge decor, DJs, live music, and special events. It's an excellent choice for an exciting night out in Saltillo.

La Bartola Bar & Grill

Saltillo Nightlife

La Bartola is a gathering place for friends. It features a live band on weekends and a fantastic selection of food and drinks as well as excellent service. La Bartola has great music and a trendy atmosphere. The night is never long enough when celebrating an important occasion with friends here.

Constantinos Disco Bar

Saltillo Nightclubs

Constantinos is where adults meet to dance to the rhythm of disco music from the 70's and 80's, and also salsa, merengue, and cumbia. The club features excellent drinks, live music, and an exciting atmosphere, as well as stand up comedy shows, and other live performances. The club is small and exclusive so reservations are recommended.

Underground Restaurant & Bar

Saltillo Nightlife

Inspired by the famous London Underground, this bar, located on Carranza Avenue at Plaza Las Villas, is a great choice for people who love rock and alternative music. Let the music lead you to this typical London pub, with a very vibrant atmosphere, enjoy a few tasty snacks and a Submarine, the house drink. The Underground Restaurant & Bar also offers a safe transfer service from the bar back to your hotel.

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