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Saltillo is a highly industrialized city which owes its economic growth to the numerous transnational companies that have built their plants here. This city has become an ideal destination for the business traveler because of its growing hotel and convention framework. The locals' friendliness and hospitality coupled with the city's progress and modernity are just some of the main assets that blend together with the magnificent, colonial buildings and numerous museums.


Saltillo is the capital of the state of Coahuila, in the north of Mexico. Saltillo was founded in 1577, when the Spanish colonizers established the Village of Santiago de Saltillo in what used to be Guachichil Indian territory. Some of the first families that settled here brought, two decades later, Tlaxcaltecan Indian groups to teach the local population some of their trades.

SaltilloFrom the beginning, the Spanish settlers were committed to promoting culture. Halfway through the 20th century, Saltillo was known as "The Athens of Mexico", because of the many intellectuals and artists who lived in the city. Modern day Saltillo is still a cultural center with excellent opportunities for education featuring some of the most renowned universities in the country and several important cultural events.

saltilloSaltillo has the highest standard of education in the country and is also a great promoter of arts and culture. Its abundance of cultural displays include theater, film, and exhibits held in the many museums and theaters, providing locals and visitors with an array of possibilities for enjoying cultural and artistic events.

Business center


There is no doubt that Saltillo owes its progress to the transportation industry. Some of the most important sectors that contribute to Saltillo's economic growth are textiles, transportation, machinery, appliances, electronics, and the most relevant, the automobile industry. Saltillo has the most advanced automotive industry in Mexico, with many specialized, state of the art, assembly-line plants, some of the most advanced in all Latin America. Saltillo accounts for 30% of all the automobile production in the country, so much that it has been called "The Mexican Detroit".

saltilloDaimler Chrysler and General Motors are two of the most important auto companies that export cars to Canada, Japan, and Central America, as well as 30 enterprises that provide raw materials and spare parts to these factories. Other well known foreign and domestic companies with plants in Saltillo are John Deere, General Electric, Kimberly Clark, Mitsubishi, Saltillo Industrial Conglomerate, Apasco Cements and many more.

Aside from being the number one producer of cars and SUV'S, Saltillo is also a world-famous producer of textiles. In addition, Saltillo manufactures construction materials, lumber, wine, and chemical materials, and it accounts for 40% of the country's dairy production which it shares with the neighboring city of Torreon.

saltilloSaltillo's geographic location puts it in the center of a very important trade route among Mexico's West Coast, East Coast, and North America. Efficient air and ground transportation systems, low production costs, highly-specialized labor, and high productivity rates make this city a haven for foreign investment.

A place to live

Saltillo Vacations

Saltillo has become a popular place to move to because of the many transnational companies based here. Thousands of people from different parts of Mexico have migrated here, attracted by the wonderful climate, elevated employment rates, better income, and the high standard of education.

saltilloIn fact, due to Saltillo's fantastic weather, booming economy and favorable conditions for work, education, and the many opportunities for leisure and cultural activities, Saltillo has been considered one of the 10 best, Mexican cities to live in, according to the latest social, economic, and demographic reports. It appears Saltillo has a high development rate, with one of the highest GIP per capita in the country. This means that Saltillo's parameters of production of goods compared to the total population is higher than in other cities in the country. In other words, this city is highly productive, prosperous and therefore, very appealing to people.

saltilloIndeed, the beauty of the city and its surroundings, together with the high living and culture make Saltillo an excellent destination choice. The city's history, education, tourism, modern services, natural beauty, and most of all the locals' hospitality, are Saltillo's main assets.

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