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Restaurants in Salta, Argentina: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Salta, Argentina

Like any other city in Argentina, Salta offers amazing fare for either international or local visitors. Meal time is sacred in Salta. The most important meals of the day are breakfast, which usually takes place between noon and two p.m., and dinner, which is around nine p.m. every night.

This region has excellent beef so Argentinean barbecues, known locally as "parrilladas", are mandatory for visitors. Those who have had the pleasure of trying the "bife de chorizo" (a beef steak similar to Sirloin or Porterhouse), or the "asado criollo" (a barbecued meat consisting of beef, ribs, sausage, pork, chitterlings, black pudding, as well as chicken) can appreciate the exquisite delicacies of this region in northern Argentina.

The restaurants in Salta not only offer regional cuisine, but numerous types of cuisines for savoring dishes from other places such as Saudi Arabia, Spain and Italy, as well as vegetarian and international delicacies. There are also ice cream parlors, tea shops, and deli sandwich places.

Traditional Dishes

Salta Cuisine

Salta's fare has a strong Spanish and indigenous influence, which eventually acquired a distinctive and unique touch after the Spanish conquest. The basic ingredients in the regional cuisine are beef, lamb, chicken and goat, along with corn and beans ("poroto"). Meanwhile, the main ingredients for the traditional deserts of the region are milk, honey, and local fruits.

Aside from the popular and delicious "parrilladas", Salta's most representative dishes are the "empanadas rellenas" (a turnover with a spicy or sweet filling) cooked in an oven or fried. There is the "humitas", a type of tamale that's appetizing and well-liked, packed with a sweet or a salty filling. They're usually made with beef or pork, as well as other ingredients. The "Locro" is a corn stew with beans and zapallo (type of squash). The Argentinean northeast also features several other traditional dishes that you should give a try while on vacation to this area. Remember that certain dishes should be paired with wine, especially from the Calchaqui Valley.

Restaurants in Salta, Argentina

Salta's sweets feature a nice selection of traditional candies, aside from the typical alfajores (a cookie confection): anchi (a type of corn pudding), custard, "pasta real" (tartlet), alfenique (caramel), and patay (sweet roll), as well as candy made from cayote (a type of squash), fig or cuaresmillo (peach).

Argentinean Steakhouses (Parrillas)

Restaurants in Salta
  • Andres
  • Don Jose
  • El Viejo Jack
  • Estacion Salta
  • La Carreta
  • La Monumental Parrillada
  • La Posta
  • La Rinconada
  • Restaurante Jovi
  • Solar del Convento

Regional Cusine

Restaurants in Salta, Argentina
  • Balderrama
  • Bosque La Cava
  • Dona Salta
  • El Charrua
  • El Corredor de las Empanadas
  • El Patio de las Empanadas
  • La Casona del Molino
  • Pena Gauchos de Quemes

Other Cuisines

Salta Restaurants
  • Albahaca (Vegetarian)
  • Dona Catalina (Spanish)
  • Du Bai (Arabian)
  • El Estilo (Spanish)
  • Il Garda (Italian)
  • Madre Maiz (Vegetarian)
  • Mariana Clerico (Vegetarian)
  • Rincon Cochabambino (Bolivian)
  • Sociedad Sirio Libanesa (Arabian)

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