Salta, Argentina

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Nightlife in Salta, Argentina: Nightclubs, Bars & More

Nightlife in Salta, Argentina

Salta is a multifaceted city, featuring from beautiful colorful mountains and pre-Columbian history to a vivid, modern nightlife packed with many fun places and options to choose from. The nights in Salta are fun, cheerful, varied, and above all, for everybody. It is certain that when visiting this colonial and provincial city in northern Argentina, you will find many places to go out when the sun begins to set.

A must when visiting Salta are the popular Argentinean folk pubs (penas folcloricas), small sites where different generations, musicians, locals, and visitors from another countries gather together to sing and dance the traditional zambas and chacarera from Argentina. There are other options for a good time, such as theaters and cinemas, pubs, dance clubs (boliches), cafes, as well as tango clubs (tanguerias), most of them located over Balcarce Street (located in the area known as the "estacion de tren" or "train station"), where the nighttime party action doesn't stop until next day, with the first rays of light.

The city has also some casinos for those who want to bet some money and play the slot machines or roulette.

Folk Pubs (Penas Folcloricas)

Nightlife in Salta, Argentina

The folk pubs of the region have undergone a transformation and rebirth. Nowadays, the musicians create new forms of music based on a tradition from the north of Argentina. These unique forums offer impromptu musical performances, where guitar players are the main act.

There are also pubs with traditional entertainment for those looking to experience first hand the typical folklore of Argentina, where a legacy of poets such as Dino Saluzzi, Cichi Leguizamon, Manuel J. Castilla, and many others come from.

  • Cafe del Tiempo
  • Gauchos de Quemes
  • La Casona del Molino
  • La Vieja Estacion
  • Patio Balcarce
  • Valderram

La Balcarce

Nightlife in Salta, Argentina

Although the military dictatorship of the 70's and 80's affected this neighborhood, Balcarce Street has always been a place that pays tribute to the traditional folklore of the region. Today, and in the same way as in the old days, La Balcarce -that is what the locals call this area- is a neighborhood for intellectuals, singers, and poets, where the atmosphere is a mix of bohemian tradition and modernity. It is located a few streets away from Plaza 9 de Julio in downtown Salta. Due to the great popularity of this street, the nearby streets are also crowded with many clubs, pubs, and bars.

Dance Clubs (Boliches)

Nightlife in Salta, Argentina

For the young and wild looking for late night partying, Salta has lively boliches. They usually open their doors after midnight and continue playing loud, dance music until early morning.

  • Club XXI
  • Inside Club
  • La Estacio
  • Metropoli
  • Zona Cero

Argentinean Wines

Nightlife in Salta, Argentina

An essential part of culinary tradition, not only of Salta's, but of the entire country, is wine. Today, Argentina is recognized worldwide for its quality wine such as Torrontes, Chenin Blanc, Semillon, Riesling, or the popular Malbec. It is also one of the main wine producers on the planet. The region of the Calchaqui Valley, which runs through the provinces of Salta, Catamarca, and Tucuman, is famous for its Torrontes, a perfumed wine. So, while partying at night in Salta, there should be a good bottle of Argentinean wine at your table.

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