Salta, Argentina

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Attractions in Salta, Argentina: What to do and where to go

Attractions in Salta, Argentina

Salta is a beautiful colonial city founded more than four centuries ago, surrounded by amazing mountainous landscapes and attractive natural beauty. The city offers a wide range of cultural attractions, an incredible legacy of colonial architecture with dozens of historic buildings, excursions to extraordinary sites located just outside the city, parks and nature reserves, and adventure tourism for those in search of active, adrenaline-pumping experiences.

Come and explore this beautiful region in northern Argentina, overflowing with mountainous terrain, rivers and incredible natural landscapes. It's said that Salta is "tan linda que enamora" (so beautiful, you'll fall in love with it).

Golf Courses

Attractions in Salta, Argentina

The city of Salta and its surrounding areas offer golfers more than seven courses, with views that will take your breath away. Nine-hole and 18-hole courses are available, all with beautiful landscaping and great grass quality due to the region's excellent climate conditions.

Historic Downtown

Attractions in Salta, Argentina

One of Salta's most important attractions is the historic downtown area. This neighborhood houses many buildings dating all the way back to colonial times, even back to the founding of the city. Many of them have been restored and modernized, still maintaining the original architectural interest.

Some of the most significant sites are the Museo del Cabildo Historico (Historic Chapterhouse Museum), the Catedral Basilica de Salta (Salta Basilica Cathedral), the Iglesia de la Merced (Church of Grace), the Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco (Saint Francis Church and Convent), the Convento San Bernardo (Saint Bernard Convent), the Museo Folclorico Pajarito Velarde (Pajarito Velarde Folklore Museum), and various mansions set throughout the area.

Embalse Cabra Corral

Attractions in Salta, Argentina

About 45 miles south of the city, you'll find the Embalse Cabra Corral (Goatpen Reservoir), a huge body of water formed by the General Belgrano Dam. This beautiful site has fifty square miles of crystal clear waters surrounded by towering mountains. Spend an unforgettable day at this spot, perfect for water sports and outdoor activities: kayaking, boating, jet skiing, fishing, zip lines, and even rafting on the Rio Juramento. There are also nearby caves with ancient cave drawings.

Nearby Towns

Attractions in Salta, Argentina

Enjoy the numerous attractions set apart from the hustle and bustle of the city, none more than 15 miles from Salta. If you're looking to spend a calm day while in direct contact with nature and history, you can't miss out on the following sites:

Campo Quijano

West of Salta, you'll find this town, better known as the "Gateway to the Andes", one of the best access points to La Puna and the Cordillera de los Andes. The equally famous "Tren a las Nubes" (Train to the Clouds) borders the town of Campo Quijano during its journey.

Attractions, Salta

La Caldera

This small town is filled with nineteenth century architecture. It's a great place for spending a day with the family.

Quemes, Metan, and Rosario de la Frontera

These are the three most representative towns of the so-called "Sendero Gaucho" (Gaucho Trail) in southern Salta. The gauchos living in these areas today still maintain traditions from past centuries. Here, you'll find amazing cultural backdrops along with charming landscapes.

Attractions, Salta


Just north of Salta sits this small town, which stands out due to its beautiful artisanry. Vaqueros is characterized by its craftwork made from leather, ceramics, silver, and wood, along with vegetable and textile fibers.

Villa San Lorenzo

Incredible plants and wildlife surround this summery village, perfect for outdoor activities and being in touch with nature. A few miles away, you'll come across the beautiful Quebrada de San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo Gorge).

Tren a las Nubes

Attractions in Salta, Argentina

The "Train to the Clouds", the nickname given to the General Belgrano Railway, offers passenger service for tourists, connecting the city of Salta with La Polvorilla Bridge. This is on of the region's most famous bridges, an enormous steel structure rising majestically above the Andes. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy these giant mountains with a ride on the "Tren a las Nubes".

Aerial Cable Cars

Atracciones en Salta, Argentina

Another fascinating Salta attraction is the aerial cable car system on the Cerro San Bernardo (Saint Bernard Hill), situated northeast of the city. The peak reaches a height of nearly a mile, with Parque San Martin at the base. From the cable cars, you can see Salta in all its splendor, along with the beautiful surrounding landscapes of this province in northern Argentina.

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