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Welcome to Salta, Argentina

Located in northwestern Argentina, Salta is a beautiful 400 year old city featuring breathtaking mountains and some of the best preserved colonial architecture in the country. Salta's rich culture, along with its deep rooted customs and traditions make it the ideal place to gain an insight into life in northern Argentina. Visit Salta and experience all that this fantastic city has to offer.


Welcome to Salta, Argentina

Salta is the capital city of the Salta Province, located in the Lerma Valley. It's about 250 miles from the border with Bolivia and 168 miles from the Chilean border. The breathtaking Andes Mountains lie to west of the city. Salta has a moderate climate with lots of rainfall from December to February, so it is the perfect place to visit from March to November.

Salta has a population of over half a million inhabitants, making it one of Argentina's ten most populated cities. It is laid out in a grid, which means it's very easy to get around. Founded by the Spanish in 1583, it was a stop off point on the route between Lima, in Peru, and Buenos Aires. Salta is a peculiar name with indigenous origins, and the meaning is still not clear even to this day. Founded over 4 centuries ago, Salta offers visitors a rich history and culture, impressive colonial architecture, as well as extraordinary natural resources and inspiring beauty.

Salta, Argentina

Although Salta is quite small, it is divided up into different districts or neighborhoods. The following is a comprehensive list of the areas that are worth visiting:

Zona Centro

The center of the city is an attractive area with the most beautiful buildings. This downtown area is also where the majority of the businesses are located.

Salta, Argentina

Zona Oeste

The west side of the city features two areas where you can find some of the best dining options in town. There are countless restaurants andbars, along with some of the best Argentinian steakhouses. In Plaza Alvarado and the surrounding streets, as well as on Avenida Entre Rios you'll find excellent restaurants and quality entertainment options for the whole family.

Zona Norte

Located in northern Salta, Calle Balcarce is where most of the popular bars and clubs are located. If you feel like an evening out on the town, then this is definitely the place to go to.

Reasons to Visit Salta

Welcome to Salta, Argentina

Most of the tourists who visit Salta are mainly from Argentina, but it is also popular with travelers from Europe as well. It is a great family vacation destination that is very peaceful and has a nice blend of old and modern architecture. Nestled in the Lerma Valley and surrounded by impressive mountains, as well as several national parks, it really is a fascinating place to visit.

Salta features a variety of lodging options for all budgets, numerous restaurants serving local specialties and international cuisine, excellent local wine, and several options for nighttime entertainment. There are also lots of excursions to see the gorgeous surrounding area, as well as shopping tours to buy ceramic pottery, baskets, knitwear, leather goods, silver jewelry, and wrought iron decorative objects.

How to get to Salta

Salta, Argentina

The nearest airport to Salta is the Martin Miguel de Quemes International Airport. This is the busiest one in northern Argentina, with numerous international flights to and from Bolivia and Chile, as well as from the rest of Argentina. If you come by car, the roads are in very good condition, so you can easily get here from just about any place in Argentina or the neighboring countries of Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The city also has an excellent passenger train system with lines going to many destinations in northern Argentina.

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