Rosario, Argentina

Restaurants in Rosario, Argentina: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Rosario, Argentina

The cuisine in Rosario is a subtle blend of South American flavors and European techniques, sharing with Buenos Aires and Cordoba some of the same dishes. Rosario is located in a trading point of agricultural products from all over the country, so you'll find food from other parts of Argentina and South America.  We will mention here some dishes and restaurants that should not be overlooked on your vacation to Rosario.

Dulce de Leche

Rosario Cuisine

This delicious dessert is known in other Latin American countries as "cajeta" or "manjar", and is also loved and appreciated by all Argentineans. It is prepared with three basic ingredients: sugar, butter and vanilla extract. It makes a smooth caramel that unfurls like a ribbon and is creamy and golden brown, perfect as a spread on bread, crackers or as a filling in cakes and other pastries


Restaurants in Rosario

No one can speak of Rosario and Argentina without emphasizing their delicious meats. In Rosario, like in the rest of the country, people adore these cuts of meat from the beef. It is grilled without condiments and salted only once it's about to be served. The quality of meat in Argentina is recognized around the world for its excellence so trying these cuts is a must during your visit. There are dozens of "parrilladas" (steak houses) in Rosario, and you'll find some restaurants that have added these cuts to its menu, even if they're not exactly part of the theme of the restaurant. The steaks are just too tempting to be left off the menu!


Restaurants in Rosario, Argentina

Empanadas are a traditional dish from Argentina. Each region of Argentina has a delicious variant, with the "Saltena" being the best known. The Argentinean empanadas consist of puff pastry made from flour, salt, water, butter, olive oil and eggs. The fillings are very diverse but the most popular are the ground beef, the ham with cheese, as well as the chicken. The empanadas are usually inexpensive and are ideal as a snack or a tasty meal if you feel the need for a more accessible lunch. The fluted edges of the empanadas are called "repulgo" and each type of empanada has a different repulgo to indicate the stuffing inside. 

River Fish

Fish, Rosario Restaurants

Fish is an important part of the diet in Rosario. The Parana River is excellent for fishing so the Rosarinos take advantage of the river bounty and prepare tasty dishes with sabalo, trout and golden dorado. There are a number of restaurants dedicated solely to seafood where you can savor these river delicacies. 


Rosario Restaurants

The minutas are the equivalent of fast food in Argentina. Quick dishes are prepared for those who do not have much time to eat because of the hustle and bustle of big city life. This doesn't mean that these are simple meals. You can find anything from sandwiches with a great variety of fillings to delicious steaks, pastas and roast chicken. If you're in a rush while on vacation to Rosario, stop and order in these minutas to save some time.

Alfajor Santafesino

Rosario Restaurants

The alfajor is a dessert with origins in medieval Spain. Argentina, however, has taken this delicious recipe and has given it subtle touches, depending on the province. In Rosario, you can enjoy the exquisite Alfajor Santafesino, which consists of spongy bread (made of flour, eggs and butter), stuffed with dulce de leche and covered with icing. 

Escuariza Parrilla Restaurant

Rosario Restaurants

This restaurant is a family business that has been in operation for over 45 years, offering exquisite fish and meat dishes to the city of Rosario. It has a beautiful view, located near the Parana River. When you walk along the banks of the Parana, do not miss the chance to eat at this wonderful restaurant decorated with articles related to the river and fishing.

La Estancia

Rosario Restaurants

This restaurant is a must for anyone who wishes to try the best Argentinean barbecues. Here you'll find succulent cuts of meat like juicy steaks, roasted lamb, barbecued ribs and homemade pasta. La Estancia has 25 years of experience and continues to attract both locals and visitors alike with its excellent service and delicious dishes. 

Te Amare Vicenta

Rosario Restaurants

This is a warm and romantic themed restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious barbecue with a bottle of the best in Argentinean wines. It is the ideal place to bring your loved one for an extraordinary and unforgettable evening in Rosario. 

El Cairo

Rosario Restaurants

El Cairo is a restaurant-bar that opened in 1943, which fascinated great artists, intellectuals and poets. It's a historic piece of the city of Rosario, making it essential for a visit where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or a sandwich. Today, El Cairo is an excellent meeting place for young intellectuals and students. You'll also find a small library and a cultural section where they hold art exhibitions.

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