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Welcome to Rosario, Argentina

The city of Rosario, set in central Argentina, is also known as "The Cradle of the Flag", "The Cradle of the Revolution", and even "The Argentinean Chicago". Its busy streets display the perfect example of a city experiencing economic, social and cultural development.

When you arrive in Rosario, you'll notice the wide range of activities to explore within the city limits and in the surrounding areas. Whether you're in town on vacation or on business, you'll experience an exciting and enriching stay because the city of Rosario is overflowing with fun opportunities for all ages and cultures. Time will fly by while you're enjoying this beautiful destination!


Vacation in Rosario, Argentina

With more than a million inhabitants, Rosario is one of Argentina's largest cities, as well as being the most important metropolis in the province of Santa Fe. The city is situated 185 miles northeast of Buenos Aires. It's bordered on the eastern side by the beautiful Rio Parana, the river that spurred on the area's economic development.

Welcome to Rosario, Argentina

The fresh, agreeable climate in Rosario usually hovers between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy months fall between November and March, so make sure to bring along an umbrella, just in case.

Welcome to Rosario, Argentina

The city's public transportation system is very complete, offering visitors various bus routes to choose from, along with an international airport located ten miles from downtown. This airport receives flights coming in from Brazilian destinations as well as from other Argentinean provinces.

Culture in Rosario

Culture in Rosario, Argentina

With more than 300 years of history, Rosario possesses an enormous cultural legacy. The Spanish conquistadors brought their customs over to this part of Argentina and little by little began to settle the area that today forms Rosario. In 1810, during the war for independence against Spain, the Argentinean flag was created, earning Rosario the title "The Cradle of the Flag".

Welcome to Rosario, Argentina

Later on, thousands of foreigners came to settle in the region, escaping from the world wars in Europe. As a result, most of Rosario's population has some degree of Italian, Greek or Spanish background, among others. The beautiful local architecture displays a clearly European influence, worthy of recognition. In the city's downtown area, you can still visit stunning traditional buildings and churches.

Welcome to Rosario, Argentina

Music, painting and theater form an integral part of life in this vibrant destination. The city holds numerous museums and art galleries that have begun the careers of many artists, so make sure to tour these enriching sites on your trip to Rosario.

Business and Economy

Welcome to Rosario, Argentina

For more than a century, Rosario has been one of Argentina's primary grain producers, and its convenient location by the Rio Parana allows for easy merchandise transportation along this river. Industry in Rosario has taken giant leaps forward in terms of development, boasting the second highest Gross Geographic Product in the country, after Buenos Aires.

Welcome to Rosario, Argentina

Rosario is an influential center for the countries that make up Mercosur, a trade agreement among various South American countries. The city offers various transportation routes connecting it to numerous international borders, including highways, railroads and ports.

Welcome to Rosario, Argentina

The city often hosts events and conventions. It's estimated that each year more than 200 congresses or presentations are held, with about 50,000 attendants. Rosario's tourism infrastructure is completely prepared to cover all the needs of its visitors, offering excellent hotels, a wide range of restaurants and convenient transportation.

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