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Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Rio de Janeiro Restaurants

The cuisine of Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful mix of flavors and tastes brought here by Portuguese and African immigrants, although most of the more traditional dishes have indigenous origins. The different styles of cooking and recipes from other countries have been adapted here in Brazil, using ingredients easy to find in the tropical region of Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian cuisine varies from one region to another. Since Rio de Janeiro is a cosmopolitan destination with people from around the world, it is easy to find restaurants offering all kinds of international specialties and also traditional dishes from all over Brazil.

Typical Dishes and Drinks

Rio de Janeiro Restaurants

If you are a fan of trying traditional local dishes when you visit a destination, then you are going to love all the wonderful flavors that Rio de Janeiro has to offer. In the main, African and Portuguese immigrants have contributed to the creation of many of Rio's traditional dishes, such as Feijoada, a succulent stew prepared with black beans, salted pork, pork sausage, bacon, and other ingredients. Feijoada is often served accompanied by fried cassava flour, rice, sliced orange and collard greens.

Rio de Janeiro Restaurants

There is an abundance of sugarcane produced in Rio de Janeiro, and sugar has been a prominent ingredient since colonial times. It's still used today to make all kinds of delicious desserts, such as caramel custards and puddings like Quindim, a delectable creamy dessert make with eggs, sugar and coconut. Since Rio de Janeiro is a tropical zone, there are lots of exquisite fruits, which make up a large part of the residents diets. Fruits are used mainly in salads, a variety of fresh juices, as well as in desserts. Some of the fruits people regularly eat are mango, passion fruit, caju, guava, papaya, sugar cane, coconut, acerola, acai berry, guarana and star fruit.

Rio de Janeiro Restaurants

The typical alcoholic drink of Rio de Janeiro is "cachaza", a kind of rum obtained from distilled sugarcane. It's used to make a variety of drinks and cocktails such as the famous caipirinha cocktail, which is prepared with sliced lemon, sugar and ice. Other popular beverages are coconut water and guarana juice.

Where to Eat

Rio de Janeiro Restaurant

Rio de Janeiro is also famous because of its traditional steakhouses, called churrascarias or rodizios. These restaurants offer many grilled cuts of meat, such as the succulent "Picanha" (rump steak), and also normally serve large buffet salads. Some of the best places to enjoy the authentic cuisine of Rio de Janeiro are the restaurants located in the tourist areas of Ipanema, Copacabana, Barra de Tijuca and Leblon.

Rio de Janeiro Restaurants

Rio de Janeiro has a variety of restaurants to suit all budgets. You can enjoy traditional dishes in lots of the restaurants located in the city or the beach area. For gourmet Brazilian food the restaurants in the luxury hotels are a really good option.

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