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On the northern border of Mexico, the courtesy of the inhabitants can be felt from the first few moments. The smell of delicious "cabrito" (goat meat), the banda music and the "corridos" (Mexican folkloric songs) which mark the pace of Reynosa, give a warm welcome to this port of entry into Mexico. Its landscapes include the Rio Grande, enormous industrial plants, the constant movement of people and automobiles on the bridges crossing over to the US, as well as the commercial ambiance, impregnated with a clear American influence.


ReynosaReynosa has become, in last few years, the fastest growing city in the state, due to the strong industry and the incessant economic activity that has converted this city into a strategic point for Tamaulipas and even for Nuevo Leon. Geographically speaking, its convenient location makes it easy to access between such important cities like Monterrey, Mexico and the bustling localities of the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, among which are places such as Hidalgo, Edinburg, Pharr and the commercial locality of McAllen.

Its notable development is due to the establishment of assembly plants, which rely heavily on the use of manual labor. The assembly includes a series of products such as textiles, plastics, electronics, medical instruments and automotive parts, among an ample variety of articles of careful manufacture.

ReynosaMore than just a city known for its tourist attractions, Reynosa is also a business destination. Take advantage of the world-class facilities that are offered in the industrial areas and textile factories of Tamaulipas. The International Bridge connects Reynosa indirectly to Monterrey and the center of Mexico to the state of Texas.


The Height of Industry and Commerce

ReynosaSince its founding and all throughout its history, the Rio Grande has poured over the generous riverbeds of this region the possibility of agriculture and livestock, giving way to a prosperous economic activity in the city of Reynosa.

In modern times, in the border crossings between Mexico and the most industrialized country in the world, there has been an upsurge of customs activity: import, export and product manufacture. It's gotten to the point where it has become a fundamental constant in each city that lines the border crossing to the US. Reynosa is no exception and it is, in fact, one of the most important on the US-Mexico border.

ReynosaIn Reynosa, you can find the General Lucio Blanco International Airport, with flights to and from the most important cities in Mexico and where there is a lot of important air cargo traffic. Soon, there will also be a second terminal serving exclusively the air cargo transport companies.


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