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Nightlife in Recife, Brazil: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Recife, Brazil

Experience the colorful nightlife in the amazing Brazilian city of Recife. In Recife Antigo (Old Recife), the local bars feature live music lasting until dawn on weekends. In the Boa Viagem district, you'll come across modern nightclubs featuring internationally famous DJs, while downtown has the best traditional Brazilian bars, like the casual "botecos" on Rua do Bom Jesus. Here, people of all ages gather together to enjoy a few beers, some snacks, and the vibrant nightlife that takes over this street.

The bohemian neighborhoods are known for having the best bars and nightclubs in this capital city of the state of Pernambuco. Such is the case with the Santo Antonio neighborhood, which is filled with picturesque bars encircling the Patio de Sao Pedro. You can experience Terca Negra at this square, a beautiful performance showcasing Afro-Brazilian dances and music. The Pina neighborhood is a favorite for couples, offering an intimate and cozy atmosphere, ideal for romance. It's traditional to go out for dinner and drinks in Pina when there's a full moon out, since you can enjoy fresh air and starry skies on outdoor terraces.

In the neighboring town of Olinda, the "seresta" begins every Friday at around 10 p.m. In this celebration, local musicians make their way through the main square, starting at Praca Conselheiro Joao Alfredo and ending at the Igreja de Sao Pedro Martir, singing popular traditional songs to the beat of violins, guitars and other instruments. By the square, the people gather around to listen, sing along and enjoy the town's unique cultural expression.

Travel through the different districts of Recife, and experience the flavor of local traditions to the rhythm of intense Brazilian dances.

Recife Antigo

Nightlife in Recife, Brazil

Agua Doce Cachacaria

Serving more than 150 types of Brazilian cachaca.

Casa da Moeda

A mix between a bar, art gallery and restaurant, with a charming bohemian ambiance.Featuring live rock, jazz and blues.

Cuba do Capibaribe

A great bar for dancing to live bands and DJs at night, or enjoying a meal during the day. Situated in Shopping Paco Alfandega.

Downtown Pub

Alternating between live DJs and bands, with an original mix of British and Brazilian music. An informal, upbeat atmosphere.

Reperttorio Bar

Featuring shows by local bands and artists with forro, samba, axe frevo and other Brazilian music.


Nightlife in Recife, Brazil

Bar Central

This unique and friendly bar plays Brazilian and international music.

Buraco do Sargento

A favorite hangout among locals for enjoying an after-work drink. It offers outdoor tables by Plaza de Sao Pedro.


An enormous nightclub famous for its liberal atmosphere and sophisticated clientele of all ages. Situated on Boa Vista.

Boa Viagem

Nightlife in Recife, Brazil


Featuring live bands and a large repertoire of international rock music, along with resident DJs playing house music.

Bar da Praia

One of the best beach bars, located on Boa Viagem Avenue. Offering an informal ambiance, promotional drinks and great food.


Situated on Pina Beach at the end of Boa Viagem Avenue. It has an enormous terrace with an ocean view and delicious seafood and snacks.


This popular locale showcases local bands playing forro, rock and popular Brazilian music. It's a restaurant during the day and turns into a nightclub in the evenings.


One of Recife's largest and most modern clubs, with a lounge bar and a wide variety of music.

UK Pub

Considered one of the best places in the city for enjoying live music.


Nightlife in Recife, Brazil

Blues Bar

Open on weekends, playing soft ambiance music combined with blues and jazz.


Featuring shows with popular Brazilian music.

Manicomico Club

Offering live dance music on Fridays and Saturdays after 9 p.m.


Various bands playing forro and other local music.

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