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Shopping in Queretaro, Mexico: Handcrafts, Souvenirs & Malls

Shopping in Queretaro

Shopping in Queretaro can be quite an experience. In this cosmopolitan city you can find malls with several department stores, famous clothing brands, movie theaters and lots of entertainment options for a fun family day out. Also, there are several bazaars, tiny mobile stands, and hundreds of family owned stores in the historic center of the city, where you can find a large amount of crafts typical of the region, as well as local candies, clothing, toys and all those other traditional Mexican gifts.


Shopping in Queretaro

Thanks to Queretaro's indigenous ancestry, the city has a wide range of unique crafts, including beautiful costumes made of textiles such as wool and linen, also knapsacks, embroidered clothing and woven fabric. You can also find gorgeous tablecloths and crocheted napkins made of lace, which are very traditional in this region. Great gifts for kids or collectors are the tiny rag dolls made by the local indigenous women, who wear the traditional costumes of the state and region.

Shopping in Queretaro Queretaro is also famous for its basketwork and weaving, utilizing maguey, twigs, willow and rock rose. Apart from the typical crafts made of wicker, rattan, roots, cane and pine the people of Queretaro also make wonderful textiles.

Shopping in Queretaro Carved stone is another popular handicraft created by the people of Queretaro. They use materials such as slabs of marble for cutting figurines, as well as the gray, orange and black quarry stone to create floor tiles and carve ornamental items. You will also find beautiful sculptures, fountains and architecture; forged iron and steel used to create traditional handmade items, and wooden and pottery pieces as well.

Centro Artesanal y Cultural Indigena

Shopping in QueretaroA fantastic place to visit, if you're looking for souvenirs for relatives, friends and co-workers, is the colorful Centro Artesanal y Cultural Indigena (Artisan and Indigenous Cultural Centre). A small area of Plaza de los Fundadores, located in the historic center of the city, becomes the venue for the most beautiful displays of handicrafts from the region. Here, the skilled indigenous women craft intricate handmade products which the shopper can purchase directly from the creators.

Plaza Boulevares

Shopping in QueretaroIn this mall you will find everything you need for an entertaining day out and it is also an ideal spot for an evening full of fun. It features 12 movie screens, restaurants, coffee shops, stores, a gym and even nightclubs. Plaza Boulevares is definitely a great place for all the family to spend the whole day.

Plaza Galerias

Shopping in QueretaroThis mall features over 70 prestigious shops selling the best brands and featuring department stores, such as Liverpool, Sears and Sanborns. It also has a wide range of services such as opticians, dental clinics, banks, phones and a lot more. The mall features all the necessary facilities for handicapped people as well as a spacious parking lot for over 1500 cars, plenty of taxis and a 24 hour surveillance service.

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