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Restaurants in Queretaro, Mexico: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurants in Queretaro

The gastronomy of Queretaro still includes many dishes that have been prepared in this region since the sixteenth century and many still keep the same flavor today. The majority of these dishes integrate regional ingredients such as corn, chili pepper, cactus and regional fruits. Biznagas, huamiche, and xoconostles are transformed into delicious candies; the otomi tortillas and the traditional beverages such as simichol (made with fermented corn) and Charpe (made with condensed sugar) are just a few examples of the diverse and exotic cuisine of Queretaro.

Queretaro's cuisine is strongly related to civic festivities, religious traditions, harvest times, the celebration of Santa Cruz (the patron saint), the Holy Week and the Day of the Dead. Some of the typical dishes served during the festival of the Patron Saint celebration are, chickpeas with saffron and colored tortillas, fried tortillas "arriero" style, goat meat prepared in an age-old regional way as well as the traditional "gorditas" (small tortillas stuffed with spiced meat). Pulque (a fermented regional plant) is the most representative local drink.

5DMayo Experimental

The name says it all! 5DMayo Experimental is a restaurant where the entire menu is anything but traditional and changes constantly, allowing the top chefs of the area to experiment with dishes and ingredients from the region and the world. Reservations are required.


RestaurantsCaserio restaurant, located on Constituyentes Avenue in an old hacienda called Casa Blanca, is a renovated construction that still retains its original walls. A mix of modernity and history are united in this wonderful restaurant that offers delightful dishes adapted from traditional Spanish cuisine. The Segoviano suckling pig, fish baked in salt, and the cured Spanish ham, can all be paired beautifully with a good wine from their extensive cellar.

El Arcangel

RestaurantsThe historic center of the city is home to the cozy El Arcangel restaurant. This homely place, with only a few tables, is great for a chat in an intimate warm atmosphere. The service is friendly and fast, and, of course, the regional food from the state of Queretaro is outstanding. Enchiladas, pacholas (made with ground beef) and the house steak are just some of the many delicious dishes on offer. And for those of you with a sweet tooth, you must try the array of traditional Mexican desserts.

El Meson de Chucho el Roto

RestaurantsYou will find this popular restaurant in Plaza de Armas, offering a wide variety of specialties from Queretaro. Enjoy, year round, the wonderful climate of the city by dining at the outdoor tables while savoring the mouth-watering dishes.

La Casa de las Magnolias

This restaurant is located inside the Fiesta Americana hotel and features a very diverse international menu. The experienced chef prepares the most exquisite dishes that mix contemporary Mexican cuisine with a touch of international flair, creating delicious and incomparable flavors. Come and enjoy!

La Cabana del Gorron

Hamburgers are the specialty at La Cabana del Gorron. The ones served here are not your average burgers though; here they have a "gourmet" twist. We suggest you try the ''Gorrona hamburger'', made with ham, bacon, two different kind of cheese, onion, mushrooms, mustard, mayonnaise and a delicious home made ketchup. It sounds nice, it tastes even better!

La Mariposa

There's no other place more traditional in Queretaro than La Mariposa. A visit to this tiny candy store, located in downtown and open since 1940, is a must. The mantecado (ice cream with fruit), the jamoncillos (finely ground nuts or seeds mixed with milk and sugar), the succulent prenzado peaches (an old-fashioned candy from the area), and the crystallized fruit, are all incredibly delicious treats.

Porto Buzios

RestaurantsNorth of the city in Plaza Nautica, in an area known as Juriquilla, you will find Porto Buzios seafood restaurant. It is nestled beside the Juriquilla Dam and offers magnificent views. The outdoor tables and exquisite dishes are definitely worth the 20 minute drive from downtown Queretaro to this small town.

San Miguelito

RestaurantsNo other restaurant in Queretaro is as beautiful and finely decorated in an authentically Mexican style, than San Miguelito. This monumental restaurant is a real visual experience for the diner, because it's located in a magnificent old viceregal house, full of attractive, colorful, carved wooden chairs and dinnerware that is all the colors of the rainbow. Enjoy both the well selected variety of exquisite dishes from Mexico, and also the relaxed atmosphere that could not be more traditionally ''Mexican''. This beautiful restaurant is located in the heart of the historic center.

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