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Nightlife in Queretaro, Mexico: Nigthclubs, Dance clubs & more

Nightlife in Queretaro

For all those who enjoy an evening out on the town, listening to music or dancing the night away, then you are going to love Queretaro! Most of the bars and nightclubs are located in the same area, where you will find all the big names, such as Mambo Cafe, Carlos and Charlie's and lots more. In the historic center you can also find a great variety of bars and tiny cafes with small tables arranged around the cobblestone streets, ideal for a pleasant afternoon of people watching.

The traditional celebrations of Queretaro make the nights even livelier, thanks to the dances, processions, local music, fireworks, and religious festivals. The most representative festivities are the ones celebrated in honor to Saint Sebastian and Candelaria, in the Santa Catarina and Santa Rosa neighborhoods. Queretaro is a charming place to take an evening stroll along the romantically lit pedestrianized streets, located close to the ex-convent of San Francisco, now an excellent spot for an early evening drink.

442 Lounge

NightlifeCome to the 442 Lounge. Music that the DJ mixes will have you enjoying this lounge concept all night long. From Wednesdays to Saturdays, there are different drink specials so take advantage and have a great night out on the town.

Bunka Bar

Located on Avenida Constituyentes, in an area that is known for its restaurants and bars, the Bunka Bar is an excellent option for drinks, listening to music and dancing the night away. Thursdays are youth nights, when local teens come and hang out.


Dorsia is a club where midnight visions become a waking reality. Come and enjoy the most trendy dance and pop music, in the company of fashionable people. It's located just a few blocks northeast of downtown.

El Columpio

This is the ideal spot for the ones who enjoy dancing to ''norteno'' music, mariachi or to songs from the jukebox. It is an extremely old cantina bar where you will find a great variety of cocktails and beers and an excellent jovial ambiance.

Horus Bar

NightlifeIn the northern part of Queretaro, you can find the Horus Bar, one of the most exclusive bars of the city. Cocktails, gourmet appetizers and sushi are specialties of the house, which features an exotic Middle Eastern decor. Its bar counter is made of red onyx and at the center of the establishment, there is a fountain, making these very attractive focal points of this lounge. Reservations are highly recommended.

La Viejoteca

NightlifeThis unique bar accommodates clientele from all walks of life. La Viejoteca is more than just a bar; it is also a museum that has a variety of objects collected over the years that used to decorate the bar, such as peculiar bar stools or the artwork that used to hang on the walls. There is live music performed daily by local musicians. Hits from the 70s and 80s are also performed or played here so sing along and show everyone that the shower isn't the only place where you sing at.

Margarita Blue

NightlifeApart from the lively atmosphere, this spot offers an incredible view of the Juriquilla dam, thus creating a magnificent setting to dance all night long.


NightlifeIf you feel like dancing the night away, Mint can provide just that. Start the weekend right with a lot of fun and excitement here on Constituyentes Avenue, very near the historic center in downtown, an area full of bars and restaurants.

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