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Welcome to Quebec City

Quebec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec, located on the eastern side of the country. It was originally occupied by native populations before being settled by the Europeans in 1608. It was chosen by the French to establish a claim in the New World. While it was under French rule, this area was home to the fur and lumber trades. The British took control of the area after the battle on the Plains of Abraham in 1759, though the French culture and language was retained.


This historic city is situated by and overlooks the St. Lawrence River, which connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. French is the official language in Quebec, although English is also prevalent in the tourist areas. Quebec City is divided into two distinctive parts, a modern area and Old Quebec, set within the walled section that is at the top of the hill. Old Quebec is where you can find stunning architecture from a bygone era as well as charming shops and restaurants.

Old Quebec

Quebec Funiculaire

The best way to tour Old Quebec is by walking through its cobblestone streets. Driving in this part of the city is not recommended as the streets were designed to accommodate seventeenth century horse drawn carts. You can use the Quebec Funiculaire to travel between Upper Town and Lower Town should you not feel up to walking up Cote de la Montagne, a steep street that connects the two areas.



Outside the Walls

Outside of Old Quebec is where you can find most of the city's residences and the high tech businesses that Quebec City is known for. The municipality is also home to manufacturing plants for plastics and metals. The historic Plains of Abraham is located in downtown Quebec City, which also features apartments for students attending Laval University.

Another area worth visiting is the charming Saint-Roch district, which was cleaned up and rejuvenated in 2000, and is within easy walking distance of Old Quebec. In addition, Quebec City has world-class museums and beautiful churches that highlight the city's culture and history. If you're exploring outside of Old Quebec, it is recommended that you travel by car or use the city's public transportation services, which are made up of buses and express shuttles.

Recreation and Activities

St. Lawrence River

The city's climate varies from hot summers to cold winters, during which time the average annual snowfall is around 125 inches, making it the ideal place to enjoy winter sports like skiing and ice skating. Quebec City has summer camps, a water park and a beautiful walking path that offers memorable views of the city and the St. Lawrence River. The city is also home to an impressive art museum and an aquarium.




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