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Shopping in Punta del Este: Handcrafts, Souvenirs and Malls

Shopping in Punta del Este

Uruguayans are known for their excellent taste, and the city of Punta del Este exudes style. This destination is a sophisticated place with a strong sense of the latest fashion trends, so it comes as no surprise that several top modeling agencies are headquartered or have a branch in Punta del Este. When it comes to fashion, apparel, footwear, and accessories, you'll have plenty to choose from in this modern city. Besides fashion, Punta del Este is considered one of the top bathing resorts, not only in Uruguay, but in all of South America as well. The local beaches are quite popular, and the city has an excellent tourism infrastructure. It's not too large or overcrowded, and the local population is rather small, usually boosted by the floating population of tourists that flows into the city, especially during holidays. Many stores and shopping malls are available so that locals as well as tourists can enjoy an amazing day of shopping in this stylish destination..

Punta Shopping

Shopping in Punta del Este

Located near the beach and close to the downtown area, Punta Shopping is the best shopping destination in Punta del Este. This modern shopping center features an innovative interior and exterior design inspired by organic elements and shapes, and it's open throughout the year.

Shopping in Punta del Este

If you're looking for the best domestic and international brands, then Punta Shopping is the place to go. It also features a multiplex movie theater, an entertainment center with a bowling alley, a casino, currency exchange booths, banks, and ATM machines, along with a supermarket where you can find basic products and more. There are also restaurants, including fast food restaurants, so you can enjoy a meal if you get hungry while shopping.

Avenida Gorlero and Calle 20

Shopping in Punta del Este

This area is known as "Little Paris" because of the architectural style of the houses and shops, which highly resemble the French capital city. So, as you can imagine, it's a real treat to wander about the area and see it all. Besides having many restaurants and cafes, you can also visit the stores that are located along these two famous streets. You might want to ask for directions to Plaza Artigas, located on Gorlero Avenue, an area with lots of souvenir shops where local artists and crafters sell their artwork.

Shopping in Punta del Este

Here, you can find clothing, jewelry, sportswear and leather goods, as well as domestic and international retailers. One of the most reputable shops is "100% Uruguayo", a shop with a great variety of high-quality arts and crafts. The hours of operation for the shops tend to change between summer and winter.

Rambla William

Shopping in Punta del Este

La Rambla William is one of Punta del Este's main streets. It's an upscale residential neighborhood with the best international brand name retailers.

Plaza de los Artesanos

Shopping in Punta del Este

This craft market is a favorite among those who appreciate art and local products. It has recently been remodeled and turned into a more modern and convenient plaza, with restrooms and customer services. Besides arts and crafts, you can also find artists painting portraits or drawing pictures, mimes, musicians, and vendors, as well as a laid-back atmosphere.

La Barra

Shopping in Punta del Este

This small town is best known for its art galleries and artists, who sell their work at prices that range from inexpensive to high-end. Many of the galleries hold art exhibits in the evenings, offering wine and hors d'oeuvres. Trench Gallery is especially recommendable.

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