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Restaurants in Punta del Este, Uruguay: Gastronomy & Typical Cuisine

Restaurantes en Punta del Este, Uruguay

There are many discussions about the origin and quality of the ingredients used in Uruguayan gastronomy. They are often about the similarity of the ingredients from Uruguay and the neighboring country of Argentina. These discussions usually focus on the way dishes are prepared and which countries style of cooking is better. Mate, alfajores, steaks, wines and pasta are some of the main things that are contested between both countries. They figuratively fight to demonstrate who is the best, when it comes to cooking. This ongoing disagreement has served to improve both cuisines. While they argue, you should just sit down, taste and enjoy the many fantastic Uruguayan specialties on offer.

In Punta del Este you'll find a great variety of culinary expressions, from local food to haute cuisine. Punta del Este is one of the hottest vacation spots in South America, and you'll have no trouble in finding a great place to eat. While on vacation here, discover all kinds of restaurants that range from budget eateries to fine dining establishments, and everything in between.

European Influences on Uruguay and Argentina

Restaurantes en Punta del Este, Uruguay

The relationship between Uruguay and Argentina is very close, and food has served to make these bonds even stronger. Both countries use very similar ingredients for many of their most popular dishes, and the ways of cooking are also on a par. Beef, pasta, wines and desserts, are all prepared in a very European way, and are the base of Uruguayan cuisine.


Restaurantes en Punta del Este, Uruguay

All types of meat are consumed in Uruguay, and it's not important whether it's from Argentina or Uruguay, as long as it is juicy and delicious. The way they cut and prepare meat is kind of a national pride to the Uruguayan people. When they talk about food they don't hesitate in saying that the meat from Uruguay, whether it is beef, pork, or poultry, is the best in the world. You just have to talk with any Uruguayan to learn how much their love for any type of meat and grilling is.

Restaurantes en Punta del Este, Uruguay

In Uruguay, there are many ways of cooking meat. Sometimes delicious marinades are used, other times the meat just goes straight on the grill. The most popular cuts are "costillar" (ribs) and "lomo" (loin). Grilling, known in Uruguay as "asado", is more than just a method of cooking, it's also a very sociable event for Uruguayans. It involves plenty of social interaction, where good food and wine are the crux of the meeting. Don't miss out on the opportunity to try a whole host of different types of meat at any of the asado restaurants in the city.


Restaurantes en Punta del Este, Uruguay

Uruguayans love their seafood. In Punta del Este you'll find some excellent seafood specialties. The place where all the chefs, from the best restaurants and hotels, buy their goods early morning is at the fishing port. Here you'll find a number of stands offering a great selection of fresh, top quality seafood. It's good to know that your fish and seafood has just been caught that day and it hasn't been frozen, so the freshness and flavor is incredible. The seafood restaurants in Punta del Este really do offer exceptional cuisine.

Cocina de Autor

Restaurantes en Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este is a destination that offers an increasing number of culinary options. You can find "cocina de autor" restaurants, which roughly translates to something along the lines of "signature cuisine", in the most popular residential and commercial areas of the city. Each restaurant offers a rich variety of cooking expressions, breaking rules and proposing new ways of eating and enjoying food.

Restaurantes en Punta del Este, Uruguay

There are plenty of cool sophisticated restaurants to choose from, although on the other hand, you can also find some more rustic eateries. We think you'll be surprised with the innovative ways of cooking, always incorporating high quality ingredients and providing new experiences for your palate. So, make sure you try some new and exciting flavors at a cocina de autor restaurant.

Fast Food

Restaurantes en Punta del Este, Uruguay

Uruguay is home to a famous sausage sandwich called a "choripan". There is, however, an ongoing disagreement between Argentineans and Uruguayans about the origin of this delicious sandwich. It is made using a local sausage, called "chorizo", served in bread and covered with sauce. You can find it for sale at many street stalls around the city.

Restaurantes en Punta del Este, Uruguay

The Uruguayan hot dog, known here as a "pancho", is also very tasty. While, the "chivito" is a typical sandwich filled with boiled egg, bacon, cheese, tomato, onion, olives, mayonnaise and ketchup, found at lots of stores or street carts. The "mundial sandwich" (world sandwich) is very similar but it has ham instead of bacon. Enjoy all these Uruguayan specialties and more while visiting Punta del Este!

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